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Calendar of Events

2014-2015 Activities & Events

August 28

New International Student Dinner & Shopping Trip

Overton/Memorial Parkway


August 29

New International Student Seminar

Richter Hall (Ahmanson Science Center)


August 29 New International Student Lunch Overton Noon
September 3-4 Open House Modular 3 (our office) 9am-5pm
September 5 Driving in America Workshop Ullman Commons 100 3-4pm
September 9 FOCUS Dinner Pepper Grove 5pm
September 13 Culture and Justice Club Retreat Swenson 101/102 8am-5pm

September 16

Being You at CLU

RSVP please!

Mt. Clef Hall Patio


September 17

Being You at CLU

RSVP please!

Pederson Hall Courtyard 5-6:30pm
September 18

Being You at CLU

RSVP please!

Thompson Hall Courtyard 5-6:30pm
September 18 Multicultural Volunteer Training Day 1 Swenson 102 5-6pm
September 19 Multicultural Volunteer Training Day 2 Swenson 102 5-6pm
September 23-24 Cross Cultural Challenge Flag Pole 10-2pm
September 25 Club Bingo Richter Hall 5:45-6:45pm
September 27 Diversity Leadership Retreat RSVP required Swenson 101/102 8am-3pm
September 30 Multicultural Library Giveaway Modular 3 (our office) 9am-5pm
October 1 Multicultural Library Giveaway Modular 3 (our office) 9am-5pm
October 6 Dia de la Raza Grace BB Court 5-8:30pm
October 8 Fiesta Lundring 5-8:30pm
October 9 National Coming Out Day Flagpole 10am-3pm
October 9 Get Out Her Vote Planter by Jamba Juice 11am-2pm
October 15 USW Taste of Lebanon 2nd Floor of Humanities 5pm
October 17-18 Multicultural Alumni Event TBD TBD
October 20 Eid Al Adha Celebration Roth Nelson 7-8:30pm
Ocotber 24 National Saudi Day Lundring 12-6pm
October 30 Dia de los Muertos Swenson Lawn 5:30-8:30pm
October 31 Dia de los Muertos Regals Way 10am-2pm
November 15 90's Party by BSU Overton Hall 7-10pm
November 17-21 International Education Week campus wide  
November 18 The F Word Richter Hall 5:30-9pm
November 19 World Fair University Plaza 6-8pm
November 20 International Chapel Service Samuelson Chapel 11:25am
November 20 Chinese Celebration Roth Nelson 6-7:30pm
November 21 International Student Winter Orientation (GRADUATE) Lundring 11:30am-2pm
December 7 Las Posadas Ahmanson Foyer to Lundring Event Center 7-9pm
December 10 Hanukkah Lundring 5:30-7pm
December 13 Kwanzaa Gilbert Sports Arena 10am-2pm
January 20 New Undergraduate International Seminar Humanities 116 2-4pm
January 22 Martin Luther King Chapel Service and Peace Pole Reaffrimation Peace Pole by Samuelson Chapel 11:25am-12:30pm

February 3-4

Cross Cultural Challenge Flag Pole 9am-12pm
February 12 Chinese New Year Soiland Gym 6:30-8:30pm
February 10 International Workshop Swenson101 12pm-2pm
February 18 Diversity Leadership Program TBD


February 26 International Student Spring Orientation (GRADUATE) Lundring


February 26

Policing for the 21st Century- Balancing Justice & Safety

Lundring 7pm-9pm

March 24

Who is your Moses? Honoring Liberation Leaders

Lundring 6:00 pm
April 22 Multicultural and International Recognition Banquet Ullman Commons 100 5-7pm
May 1 H2O Annual Showcase GSFC Arena 6-9 pm
May 6 Pride's Drag show Preus-Brandt Forum  
May 19 Thank you Lunch Ullman 101 12-1pm
May 28 International Student Summer Orientation (GRADUATE) Lundring 8am-4pm


Events added throughout the year!