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California Lutheran University: Your Trusted Resource

When you need an informative and entertaining speaker, please think of the Cal Lutheran Speakers Bureau — one of the university's most visible and successful means of serving our greater community. A free resource to community groups, schools and organizations, the Speakers Bureau taps into the expertise of both administrators and faculty members who conduct cutting-edge research and teach a wide range of academic disciplines and professional specialties. Dedicated faculty members come from top institutions throughout the world and represent a broad cross section of backgrounds, religious beliefs and philosophies. They speak on diverse topics from international relations, business and finance, and athletics to social concerns, education, religion and art.

Faculty members and administrators who want to join the Speakers Bureau and Experts Directory or update their information should contact Sharon Nelson at smnelso@callutheran.edu or 805-493-3150.

How to Contact Speakers and Experts

The Speakers Bureau and Experts Directory is a public service to the community. Organized alphabetically by topic, the directory provides names of faculty and administrators, their areas of expertise, and topics on which they are highly qualified to speak.

All arrangements for speaking engagements are made between the speaker and the requesting party. For contact numbers, e-mail addresses and speaker bios, choose from the selections under "Speaker Profiles" in the upper-left of this page. We recommend contacting the speaker at least two weeks before the presentation date.

Community members needing additional help scheduling a speaker can contact Community Relations Coordinator Cindy Keitel at ckeitel@callutheran.edu or 805-493-3958.

The Speakers Bureau and Experts Directory can also be used by editors, reporters and producers to find sources for their stories. Media wanting assistance finding sources can contact Media Relations Manager Karin Grennan at kgrennan@callutheran.edu or 805-493-3512.

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