Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship


Meet the Director


Dr. Marylie Gerson has been mentoring CLU undergraduates in research since 2001. Also a Professor in the Psychology Department, Dr. Gerson believes passionately that engaging students in the scholarly processes of the various disciplines is a key to excellence in higher education. It not only facilitates the intellectual, social, and emotional development of young adults, but it also benefits students by allowing them to experience a field "first hand." She coordinates the various programs of undergraduate research and creative scholarship across campus while also mentoring her own students, both individually and in research teams, in summer programs, honors theses, and year-long group projects. Many of these projects result in presentations or publications in peer-reviewed venues. Her goal is to provide support for students and faculty mentors of every discipline in this process.

Marylie Gerson, PhD
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship
Professor, Department of Psychology

Phone: (805) 493-3796