Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship


Responsibilities of the Office

  • Manage the Festival of Scholars and aid in the management of other student-centered academic conferences held at CLU
  • Collaborate with Anna Jackson Calderon of the Office of Sponsored Research and with the Office of University Advancement to seek and secure extramural funding that supports undergraduate research and creative scholarship
  • Identify opportunities for student research experiences (e.g. REU's) and research-based internships
  • Propose and manage new internal funding for student and faculty stipends, travel, and consumables to support undergraduate research and creative scholarship
  • Work with an advisory board consisting of representatives of various divisions and other key administrators to prioritize funding expenditures
  • House/facilitate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process
  • Coordinate the presentation and dissemination of scholarly results (e.g., aiding in poster creation, travel to conferences)
  • Coordinate on-campus discussion events related to research and creative scholarship (e.g., offering regular brown bag events, seminars)
  • Disseminate and celebrate undergraduate research and creative scholarship via an office-supported website
  • Assist faculty in the creation and application of pedagogical techniques that incorporate/utilize research and scholarship (e.g., identifying useful online materials which aid in the process)
  • Identify and coordinate student research and scholarship which incorporates community needs
  • Integrate undergraduate research and creative scholarship with other key university objectives (e.g., diversity, service learning, civic engagement)
  • Other items as the Office develops and grows
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