Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Why Do Research?

Why Participate in Undergraduate Research?

        “I now realize what I want to do after undergraduate work.” – Ivy Nguyen '14

Why should a student participate in undergraduate research?

  • It provides a powerful learning environment for students
  • It goes beyond what is taught in the classroom and enables students to apply the knowledge they are learning in their classes to a more specific question in their discipline
  • It creates meaningful student-faculty interactions
  • It increases the level of student excitement and engagement
  • It enhances critical thinking skills and stimulates a culture of intellectual curiosity
  • It is the most effective manner to create relevance between the world and the students' education
  • It boosts student confidence and professionalism
  • It helps to create important personal traits such as tenacity and focus that are helpful in every facet of your life
  • It enhances student resumes for future graduate work or career advancement
  • It's fun!

Here are some things undergraduates have said about their summer research experience at CLU:

"It has helped me to become a much more efficient and pragmatic thinker and to organize my time more efficiently. These skills have helped in all parts of my life." – Donovan Argueta '14

"I learned a lot about myself and gained more self confidence throughout the process. I formed scholarly relationships with my peers and professors and feel more comfortable working with people." – Jessica Reid '13

"I really feel research at CLU has given me added hands-on experiences where I can apply what I've learned in the classroom to current projects and issues that need answers. I love that I can build a connection and relationship with my faculty mentor. They (have) become someone I respect and admire, a person I can always go to for guidance." – Austin Garcia '13

It "...has helped me to decide the direction I'll take after graduation." – Morgan Fippinger '13

Why should faculty participate in undergraduate research?

  • It is one of the most effective delivery methods for teaching
  • It develops powerful learning environments for both faculty and students
  • It creates meaningful student-faculty interactions
  • It increases the level of student and faculty excitement and engagement
  • It is a means for engaging communities
  • It promotes faculty professional development
  • It's fun!

                “The summer research program has benefitted me by allowing me to get an understanding of the discipline I am studying as an undergraduate. By conducting research in the field of psychology with my mentor I have had the opportunity to find out that psychology is something I truly am passionate about and want to pursue as my future career.” – Aaron Waters '14