Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Why Do Research?

How Do I Get Involved in Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship?

You have already taken the most important first step by asking this question! The next step is to make an appointment with your faculty advisor. Make sure to tell him or her why you want to meet. If you can, come prepared with some ideas about topics you are interested in learning more about.

Ask about the faculty member's areas of interest and if they are currently working on any projects that could use your assistance. Don't be disappointed if they cannot plug you into a project right away. Also ask about other faculty in your discipline or other disciplines.

If you do not have success with the above, make an appointment with the Coordinator of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship (OURCS) by e-mailing Often, if a student can identify a topic of interest, it is easier for a faculty member to mentor than if the student has no topic ideas.

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