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Bachelor's Degree for Professionals

Complete your bachelor's degree on your own schedule

Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership

Online Format

Courses in the Organizational Leadership major are now offered online, making it possible for you to complete your Bachelor of Science degree in a convenient, flexible, online format.

The online Organizational Leadership major is comprised of 11 courses totaling 44 credits. Other courses required to complete the necessary total of 124 semester hours can be obtained through CLEP exams, community college courses, additional Cal Lutheran classes, challenge exams, independent study, portfolio method, and transfer units. These methods allow for flexibility within your schedule and make earning your bachelor's degree more convenient.

Online Organizational Leadership courses are offered year-round (four terms per year) through our accelerated 11-week terms. Although rigorous, the program's format allows you to complete the major requirements in less than two years.

Online courses include:

  • PSYC 200 General Psychology
  • BUS 367 Behavior in Organizations
  • PSYC 401 Social Psychology
  • BUS 446 Theories and Practice of Leadership
  • BUS 448 Organizational Development
  • COMM 342 Public Relations
  • BUS 361 Human Resource Management
  • PHIL 350 Technology and Value
  • ECON 311 Statistical Methods
  • BUS 301 Communication for Managers
  • BUS 449 Managerial Leadership (Capstone)

Benefits of the Online Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership

As online learning continues to grow across the world, educators and the general public continue to assess its benefits. The U.S. Department of Education released a report on the overall outcome of online study as compared to that of traditional study inside the classroom.

"Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning" (2009) was a meta-analysis and review of online study. One of the key questions the report addressed is "How does the effectiveness of online learning compare with that of face-to-face instruction?" This valuable research includes the following two findings:

  1. Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction. Learning outcomes for students who engaged in online learning exceed those receiving face-to-face instruction.
  2. Online learning is an effective option for undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals in a wide range of academic and professional studies.

As a student in our online program, you will be supported by our outstanding faculty and gain the skills and confidence to succeed in your career and as a leader in your community.

Meet the Chair of the Organizational Leadership Major

Bruce Gilles

Ultimately, your time, energy, emotion, and drive are the keys to the successful completion of your academic goals. The CLU Online Organizational Leadership program is designed to help you maximize your learning experience while also understanding the additional demands on your time.