Transfer Credit Articulation

Cal Lutheran has articulation agreements with several local community colleges. Through these agreements, specific courses are identified as eligible to transfer for credit to Cal Lutheran and satisfy core curriculum and major requirements.

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Find out which courses you've taken will satisfy the requirements in Cal Lutheran's core curriculum.

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Note: the "Begin Date" tells you when that course was first accepted at Cal Lutheran. An official evaluation of transfer credit will be done by the Registrar's Office after you have been accepted.

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See which requirements for your chosen major at Cal Lutheran are satisfied by the courses you've already taken.

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Transfer Credit Policies

California Lutheran University accepts college-level course work from regionally accredited institutions.

  • Courses, which are technical, vocational or personal enrichment in nature, are not transferable.
  • Courses which are transferable but do not meet general education or major requirements will be credited as elective credits and will be counted toward the total number of units needed for graduation.
  • Courses from colleges that are not regionally accredited are not transferable without a petition.
  • A maximum of 70 transferable semester credits may be transferred from the community college level.
  • All two-year and community college courses transfer as lower-division credit regardless of upper-division equivalency.
  • All students must complete at least 124 semester units to graduate from Cal Lutheran including their general education and major/minor requirements and at least 40 of these must be upper division (300 or 400 level courses).
  • Students transferring to Cal Lutheran as a senior must complete all of our general education and major/minor requirements and satisfy the residency requirement.
  • Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit courses may not be used to meet general education or major requirements.
Four-Year Institutions

Contact the Registrar's Office (805) 493-3105 for specific questions about transferring courses from four-year institutions for currently enrolled students. Incoming transfer students contact Admissions (805) 493-3135.

Currently Enrolled Students

Cal Lutheran students must submit Transfer Approval Form prior to taking courses to the Registrar’s office.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

Students transferring from California community colleges who, prior to transfer to CLU, have fully satisfied the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) need only complete the foreign language requirement and one religion course to meet the CORE-21 general education requirements.

For information about transferring coursework from community colleges refer to the General Core Curriculum Equivalents listed below.

As coursework is constantly changing at Cal Lutheran and these community colleges, articulation guides are constantly being updated. New requirements by the State of California for teacher credential candidates have resulted in changes in the Liberal Studies articulation agreements. If you have specific questions about a course and its CLU equivalent, please call us at (805) 493-3105.