College of Arts & Sciences

You’ll have a huge array of options within the academic programs. You can choose from a spectrum of scholastic studies that range from ancient Greek to the high-tech major of Multimedia.

About the College

Just over 40 years ago, in what was once a rural Ventura County community 39 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California Lutheran University was founded in 1959 as a private co-educational institution dedicated to excellence in the liberal arts and professional studies. Alongside the city of Thousand Oaks, CLU has grown into a dynamic thriving community that maintains its friendly atmosphere and personal attention.

Today, Thousand Oaks and the Conejo Valley are at the heart of the U.S. 101 Technology Corridor, one of the country's fastest growing regions for bioengineering, business and technology, the arts and the sciences. And at just over 30 minutes from Los Angeles, an area deeply rooted in international culture and finance, new media and the film industry, CLU is poised-both in terms of our exceptional location and our development as an institution - to play a vital role in these key industries of the future.

But to take advantage of where we now find CLU, we must provide programs that embrace the aspirations of our students and the needs of the business community. We recognize that the demands on higher education have changed. The problems that our students are asked to solve require their ability to see things from multiple perspectives, to learn how to learn, to take intellectual risks, to embrace new ways of knowing and new tools of attaining information, and to sustain a lifetime of intellectual curiosity. At CLU, students experience their own success at meeting these challenges through field work, travel, seminars, and internships. Because our students are facing a world that is more complex and multi-dimensional, we have embraced a multidisciplinary approach to learning that draws from our traditional strengths throughout the College of Arts and Sciences - strengths that are embodied by our highly committed university community.

With this realignment, we still hold fast to many of the elements that constitute the unique identity of CLU in providing a seamless education that blends ethical reflection and liberal learning with professional preparation. In this way, we not only look to train our students into playing vital roles in these industries as they are currently conceived, but helping them to become part of the creative force that defines these industries' future and the future of our world.