Department of History

History graduates often pursue graduate work in the social sciences, law and church vocations; they're equally well prepared to begin careers in teaching & administration, media reporting, library science, archival work, genealogy, public administration, and museum studies.

About the Program

Cal Lutheran's History Department offers a challenging curriculum that explores all aspects of history. In the Department's program, lower-division courses center on the acquisition of an introductory knowledge of the history of world civilizations and the United States and the core skills a historian needs to succeed in more specialized coursework. Upper-division courses offer students a variety of specialized classes, seminars, and independent studies, which allow more in-depth exploration of specific topics. Faculty-led travel courses allow students to explore histories at the sites of their creation.

In CLU's history courses, the faculty emphasizes the understanding of the diversity of human experience over time and encourages an appreciation of cross-cultural encounters. All history courses help to develop excellent research, writing, analytical and critical thinking skills. Students are also introduced to useful methods and the debates that surround the writing of history.

History majors have the opportunity to participate in interesting internships as well as engage in projects that bring them to archives, libraries, and other sources of primary data in Southern California. Students may also participate in student-faculty research projects that aid them in developing their own goals and research abilities. In keeping with CLU's emphasis on the use of information technology, the History faculty encourages students to develop facility with computer technology as an aid to research, data analysis, and explaining history to others.

CLU's History majors are in demand in the public and private sectors because of their training as good writers, effective researchers, and perceptive analysts. The faculty is actively involved in mentoring students in career choices and avenues for professional development. CLU's program prepares students for graduate work in history and other social sciences, as well as careers in law, education, administration, museum studies, and journalism, among others.