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A Quick Guide to What’s New about CLU’s Math Degrees


After a long period of discussion and debate, the CLU Math department has submitted a curriculum revision that that will enable students to be better prepared for a variety of career options.  Students entering CLU in Fall 2011 or later are under the new program.  Note that if you entered CLU prior to Fall 2011, you may choose which catalog requirements to complete (old or new).    Even if you are finishing up under the old requirements, you still may want to take advantage of some of the newer aspects of our program (such as new classes and prereq's).

New Class:

Coming  soon in Fall 2012 to a classroom near you:

Math 320 Elementary Mathematical Analysis

An introduction to mathematical analysis emphasizing conjecture and proof.  Content includes elementary logic and quantifiers, manipulations with sets, relations and functions, properties of the real number system, supremums and infimums, sequences and limits of sequences, and the topology of the real line.  This course will introduce students to the concepts and techniques of mathematical proof.   Prerequisite: Mathematics 252., Recommended: Mathematics 241.

New Prereq’s:

Math 420 Real Analysis and Math 425 Abstract Algebra now have prereq’s of one of our ‘intro to proof’ classes: Math 382 Number Theory and Math 320 Elementary Mathematical Analysis. 

New major requirements:

Math 241 Discrete is now a requirement for both the BA and BS

The Math BA remains essentially the same except for the additional requirement of Math 241, and the option to take Economics classes instead of Physics for the required supporting classes.

The Math BS has been aligned more with our Single Subject Program and with requirements for Graduate Programs in Mathematics.  It includes

  • the addition of Math 241,
  • the categorizing of the sixth upper division class as required (used to be the required supporting Math Intensive Science),
  • Math 382 or Math 320 specified as required,
  • Math 420 or 425 specified as required,
  • a programming class (such as CS 210 or BIEN Scientific Computing) is now required supporting instead of recommended.

Math Minor

There have been no changes to the math minor other than to specifically list Math 241 as an option for the elective. 

Capstone Prep

Capstone Prep is still a really good idea (thus its status as recommended) even though it is not listed as required.  The reason it is not required is to provide flexibility for study abroad students and transfers.  But to take Capstone you must have a proposal for a capstone project that entices a faculty member to work with you.  This is best achieved by completing the capstone prep class especially since many people find it challenging to muster the self discipline required to complete a proposal without the structure of the classroom.

Mathematics Major Requirements (both new and old)

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