Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

Program Highlights


Students in the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology program gain ideal preparation, whether they plan on pursuing their doctorate or entering the professional field upon graduation.

The program features a unique, combined focus on the development of research and counseling skills, with a heightened focus on practical skills in the areas of interviewing, group therapy, and applied behavior analysis.

Students gain an overview of:

  • Psychological testing
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Engaging in program evaluation
  • Legal and ethical issues related to research and counseling

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Mike Gomez, Student

"The classroom environment here goes far beyond lectures and reviewing assigned texts. Classes provide a forum for discussion which really enhances what you're learning. For example, by actively communicating in my psychopathology class, I've gained a stronger foundation and am better equipped to work with clients.

This kind of learning environment provides me with greater confidence, as well as a deeper understanding of the material."

Mike Gomez, Student
M.S. in Clinical Psychology