CLU Music Programs & Events

Duesenberg 41a

In partnership with I-58 Studios, Cal Lutheran is able to offer students a unique opportunity to study audio recording and mixing in a state of the art commercial studio located in Thousand Oaks. Using a best of both worlds analog and digital experience, students learn to harness the power of new digital tools and vintage analog gear.

Tracking Room B


16-time Grammy winner Benny Faccone instructs CLU students in the art of mixing

SBET 128 Studio

A hybrid television and audio studio for recording, mixing, and post-production sound. This studio features an Avid C24 digital control surface with Pro Tools HD Accel-2, and analog outboard gear.

I-202 Music Lab

A center for music production and collaboration, the music lab gives students access to the latest hardware and software tools.  Beginning students gain immediate access to the music lab, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SBET 138 Mac Lab

The Spies-Bornemann 138 Mac Lab houses 24 iMac workstations equipped with Logic X, Pro Tools, and a large sound FX library.