Department of Philosophy

Philosophy is an excellent major for pre-law students, and for students considering graduate degrees in philosophy, literature, history or religion. For those seeking careers in business, administration or teaching, it provides a unique foundation. Finally, for those seeking education to advance personal growth, it is invaluable.

Exploring the mind and the spirit

The philosophy department at Cal Lutheran views philosophy as an enterprise of both the mind and the spirit. Students receive a solid grounding in the history and methods of philosophy and they explore a broad range of questions and debates both traditional and contemporary. At the same time, these questions are not considered merely abstractly, but integrated with each student's personal journey of intellectual, moral and spiritual growth.

A philosophy degree offers a disciplined exploration of the large questions of life and existence. The ability to think critically and reflectively about important issues, to integrate the findings of a variety of disciplines, and to develop confidence as an independent thinker are some of the discipline's key benefits.

The philosophy faculty are trained in a variety of areas: ethics, existentialism, analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, logic, epistemology, metaphysics, Greek philosophy, phenomenology, history of philosophy and the philosophy of mind. All have strong interdisciplinary interests as well, ensuring an education that has both depth and breadth.

An undergraduate philosophy degree is excellent preparation for a teaching career in philosophy, and is also highly valued in other fields. Hospitals, business corporations, government agencies, and church organizations seek out people with a philosophical education for their ability to think clearly and their sensitivity to a wide range of ethical dilemmas.