Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

Letter from the Provost

This year is a celebration at CLU as we reach our 50th anniversary. While we look back at how far we have come in 50 years, we also look forward to new programs and expansion. The start of our PsyD program in the fall of 2010 is a mark of growth and program innovation.

The CLU PsyD curriculum is unique in its integration of assessment and clinical training with theory and research. At CLU, we value faculty and student collaboration in research. The PsyD program embraces this as students will be working directly with a selected faculty member in small groups throughout their training. PsyD students will also have the opportunity to participate in our Parent-Child Study Clinic and in our campus-wide Festival of Scholars which is our spring showcase of faculty and student scholarship.

All of our PsyD students will have the opportunity to work in one of two Counseling Centers at CLU where high quality, affordable counseling is offered to families, children, couples and individuals. This past year over 5,000 hours of therapy sessions were provided to nearly 400 families in our community by CLU graduate students. We ensure a consistently high level of supervision with experienced and diverse supervisors who contribute to the clinical training of our students.

CLU is ranked among the top 20 campuses in the West offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. The new CLU PsyD program will continue our emphasis on academic excellence with its state-of-the-art Counseling Centers, challenging curriculum, and accomplished faculty.

Leanne Neilson

The university's graduate center has an ideal location, and is connected to a campus of resources to support our student-centered focus. Graduate housing is available for students who want to make our campus their home.

We look forward to welcoming our first PsyD students in 2010!

Leanne Neilson
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
California Lutheran University