Acting Scenes Rubric




  • Strong evidence of poor memorization of lines (Pauses, Calling for Line, Wrong lines more than 1/3 of scene)
  • Voice weak and lines incomprehensible
  • Physical movement not connected to the text or character
  • Lack of consistent characterization
  • No connection with scene partner; no evidence of listening
  • Scene is confusing and does not support play



  • Memorization complete with only a few line problems
  • Voice and lines understood but does not enhance character
  • General character movements supported by script
  • Some elements of characterization evident
  • Some connection with scene partner
  • Scene lacks tension and does little to advance play structure



  • Memorization complete with no line problems
  • Voice clear and lines support action of scene
  • Blocking and character movement supports character and script
  • Clear character objectives and choices
  • Good character give and take; Listening evident
  • Scene shows evidence of internal structure and tempo



  • Memorization complete with no line problems
  • Voice fills room but is not forced; lines sound like real conversation
  • Character movement and blocking detailed and nuanced supporting the script and characters
  • Daring character choices supporting clear objectives
  • Characters play off of each other and drive the scene forward
  • Scene is exciting to watch; you want to see these characters more.