Intramural Sports & Fitness

3-3 Basketball

Rules & Regulations

3-On-3 Rules

  • One member of each gender must be on court at all times
  • Can have a maximum number of 5 players per roster.
  • One Ro-Sham-Bo will be done by captains to determine possession. 
  • Substitutions can be done anytime during the game as long as play has stopped.
  • Play to 21 by 1’s and 2’s
  • Must clear every shot to 3-pt arc (even air balls), steals, blocks, turnovers.
  • All blocks are legal
  • Fouls and violations (double-dribble, traveling, etc.) are called by offense or defense. If a ruling can’t be decided, the offensive player will shoot for ball (with a make the offense gets ball; a miss the defense gets ball).
  • Ball changes possession after every basket (Not make it/take it)
  • IM Officials will oversee one game at a time, and may be requested upon by a team to referee a particular game
  • Must win by 2 points
  • No shooting fouls, check-in at top of key after every foul