Intramural Sports & Fitness

5 on 5 Basketball

Rules & Regulations

All participants must be aware and understand the General Intramural Sports Rules and abide by the Intramural Sports Code of Conduct. Captains have the responsibility of making sure that all of the members of their team understand the General Rules, the sport specific rules, and the Code of Conduct. We encourage teams to have a team meeting before play starts.

Current National Federation of State High School Association’s Basketball Rules and interpretations shall govern play with the following modifications:

Section 1

  • Each roster may consist of a maximum of 15 players.
  • The game shall be played by two teams consisting of five players each with at least one member of each gender playing on each team.Games may be started with 4 players, as long as one member of each gender is present.
  • Only 2 CLU Varsity Basketball players (that are completely done with their eligibility, or are one full academic year removed from playing varsity) per team.

Section 2

  • One game is played at a time (Soiland and Main Gym).
  • The game is played on a regulation basketball court. Two games may be played simultaneously in Soiland Recreation Center (the two outside courts). The middle court will be used for other teams to warm-up and checking in.
  • All players participating must show their ID cards to check-in or they will not be allowed to participate.
  • Games will be played with a men’s regulation basketball.

Section 3

  • The game will start with a jump ball between any two players at the center of the court facing their respective baskets.
  • Possession will alternate between each time on jump ball situations and the start of the second half.
  • Each field goal is worth two or three points depending on where the shot is taken; each free throw is worth one point. Three point arc is marked by the blue line.
  • The game itself will consist of two twenty-minute halves.
  • The clock is continuous except for the final two minutes of the second half only when it will stop for all fouls, violations, made baskets, and time-outs.
  • Half-time will be five minutes.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, a three-minute overtime period will be played. Team fouls will reset in overtime.
  • Each team is permitted three time-outs per half, each one minute in length. Time outs do not carry over halves and each team will only get one time out in any overtime period. The clock will be continuous until the last minute of overtime.

Section 4

  • Personal Fouls – Any player charged with a fifth personal foul shall be disqualified from the game. If this or any other type of foul results in loss of the last male or female on a team the game is forfeited.
  • For each half, upon being charged with a seventh team foul, the opposing team will shoot the one-and-one bonus free throws. After ten fouls the opposing team will shoot two free throws.
  • Two free throws and possession will be awarded to the opposing team for flagrant fouls. One free throw and possession will be awarded to the opposing team for technical fouls.
  • Any player committing two technical fouls will be disqualified for the remainder of the game.
  • If any player accrues three technical fouls during the season they will be disqualified from the league. If a player received two technical fouls in one game, they are ejected and must sit out their next game.
  • AUTOMATIC EJECTIONS– Throwing any sort of punch, opened or closed fisted will result in disqualification for the league and any other intramural sports program.
  • If you have any questions about a ruling, only a captain may ask a ref to explain their call, any arguing will result in a technical foul.