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Hall Cup Tournaments

2014-2015 Hall Cup

Capture the Flag


Capture the Flag Tournament
Game 1
11:00 AM - Rolland Stadium Game 5
MKH (Mogan, Kramer, Houses) 12:30 PM - Rolland Stadium
vs Winner of Game 1 Championship Game
Mt. Clef Game 7
1:15 PM - Rolland Stadium
Game 2 vs Winner of Game 5
11:00 AM - Rolland Stadium
vs Winner of Game 2
Game 3
11:45 AM - Rolland Stadium Game 6
Old West 12:30 PM - Rolland Stadium
vs Winner of Game 3
Grace /  Trinity
Game 4 vs Winner of Game 6
11:45 AM - Rolland Stadium
New West
vs Winner of Game 4

Make sure to complete the Individual Registration if you have not already done so!

Please show up 20 minutes before your scheduled game to check in with the Rec Sports Staff

Saturday, November 22th!

General Policies

Team Restrictions: Each Res Hall or Commuter Team can have only one team for this tournament.

Gender Restrictions: None.

Registration: All players must complete the individual registration process before they can participate

Gameplay Rules

Important Rules:

When a player is out of play (i.e., captured or released from jail) they must walk with their flag above their heads. If captured they must walk to jail; if released they must walk back to their own territory

Diving will not be allowed. If a player dives for a flag they will be sent to jail. If a player dives and the person they are attempting to capture falls, they will be ejected from their game.

Games will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.

The flag will be placed in a small safe zone where only offenders can enter.

If an offensive players touched someone in jail, they will release the whole jail.