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Intramural Sports - Who we are!

The Intramural Sports program at California Lutheran University is designed to combine physical, social, and recreational well-being by offering a diverse program of sports, leagues, and activities.  Through the Intramural Sports program, we encourage the participation of sports along with fellowship and healthy competition. Students, faculty, and staff come together and enjoy the experience of good competition, sportsmanship, physical activity, and healthy active lifestyles fostered through CLU's IM program.


Upcoming Flag Football - Sunday, 9/28 Upcoming Indoor Soccer - Monday, 9/29
11:00 am Free Agent vs Abusement Park 7:00pm The Squad vs Free Agent
11:45am TBA Jordan vs Friday Natty Lights 7:45pm Purity Ring vs The Funky Bunch
12:30pm Res Life vs Shmoney Team 8:30pm Victorious Secret vs Sons of Pitches
1:15pm Batu Ripz vs Seven Eleven 9:15pm La Pared vs Red Dragons
Bye for The Lumber Jocks 10:00pm Clowns 9 vs Messi Situation
  Bye for the Fabulous Football Freaks

Upcoming Events!

Saturday October 4th - Ocean Fishing Trip Sign up soon!

Starting Wednesday, October 8th Cosmic Dodgeball Get a team going!

Saturday, October 11th - 3v3 Basketball Intramural Tournament Get your team together!!

Saturday, October 24th - Darts Hall Cup Tournament Talk to your RA if you want to play!

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Free Agent Sign-ups are online now. Free agent sign-up have the same deadline as the League Teams - Thursday 9/18 by midnight.

  • No Free Agent Sign-ups available for Hall Cup Tournaments (Residential students - talk to Local RA; Commuter Students - contact Dominic Lunde ( to sign up for Hall Cup Tournaments)

- Fall Semester Leagues

  1. Indoor Soccer - Monday Nights starting September 22nd
  2. Flag Football - Sunday Afternoons starting September 21st

- Fall Tournaments - 2014

  1. Sandblast Beach Volleyball - Saturday September 13th
  2. 3 on 3 Basketball - Saturday October 11th
  3. Cosmic Dodgeball - Wednesday Nights October 8th-29th


  • Individual Registration- every participating tournament or league player must complete individual registration online to be eligible to play in their respective sport! (For Tournaments - Students must complete separate individual registration for each tournament, For League Sports - students only need to complete one individual registration with all sports they plan on playing selected)
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