Intramural Sports & Fitness

Rules & Eligibility

CLU Intramural League Sport and Tournament Rules

1. For information pertaining to the rules and policies on CLU NCAA Athletes participating in Intramural Sports, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

2. League Sports cost $30 per team. Tournaments have no fee unless noted otherwise.

3. League schedules and tournaments have limited space and team registration is on a first come first serve basis!

4. Any players that are ejected or removed from an intramural contest will be automatically suspended for their team’s following contest as well, unless he or she sets up a meeting with the Coordinator for Recreational Sports before their following contest. Any player that gets ejected twice over a season will be suspended from that sport for the rest of the semester, and possibly from all intramural activity, at the discretion of the Coordinator for Recreational Sports.

5. Team captains are expected to maintain control of their players. Only team captains will be allowed to discuss rule judgments with intramural officials; arguing with or harassing officials will not be tolerated. If a player is ejected from an intramural contest, their team captain will also sit out the rest of the game (but not suspended for any additional contests.)

6. A team that forfeits at least one game during an intramural season will not have their forfeit fee ($20) returned. Additionally, if you forfeit 2 games in a season, your team will be given an additional loss to their record for every game you forfeit for the rest of the season.

7. All players must bring their CLU ID cards to every intramural game and check in with intramural staff, or they will not be allowed to compete. Check in will be open 10 minutes before each game and continue until all games have started.

8. All players are required to individually register on the intramural website for all sports they wish to participate in, as well as read and agree to both the Intramural Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver. This is a separate process to being registered by their team captain for team registration. You will not be allowed to participate until both registrations are completed. Tournaments require separate Individual Registration even if you are individually registered for other intramural programs.

9. The team registration deadline and captains meeting information is posted on the Intramural Sports home page. Any teams that are not registered by team registration deadline will not be allowed to participate. Individual registration for each player must be completed before the first intramural game in order to compete in the leagues or tournaments.

10. Teams will have one month from the first intramural game to set their team’s rosters. The deadlines for setting the team rosters are posted on the Intramural Sports home page. After these dates you will not be allowed to add any additional players to your team.

11. No food or drink aside from water will be allowed in the Soiland gym or Gilbert Arena.

NCAA Athletes and Intramural Sports Regulations

  • CLU NCAA Athletes cannot play in the same Intramural Sports (ex. IM Basketball) as their CLU NCAA Sport (NCAA Basketball); unless their CLU NCAA athletic eligibility is done (Seniors or players who have finished their last NCAA season and have no more NCAA eligibility)
    • Teams can only have a maximum of two male or female CLU Athletes (no more NCAA eligibility) playing on the field / court at any times (unless noted differently in IM Sport rules)
    • You can have multiple CLU athletes (no more NCAA eligibility) on a team, but you must abide by the rule above
    • If this rule is broken it will result in an automatic ejection of the captain and continuous player ejections for repeated violations
  • There are no restrictions for CLU Athletes that are playing a different Intramural Sport than their CLU NCAA sport
  • CLU Athletes that quit their CLU NCAA Sport (ex. NCAA soccer) and want to play the same Intramural Sport (ex. IM Soccer) will have to get the IM NCAA ATHLETE VACATE FORM signed by their head coach providing evidence that he or she quit
    • If they violate this agreement and continue the play of their CLU NCAA Sport, they will not be allowed to participate in any CLU Intramural program.

Download the IM NCAA ATHLETE VACATE FORM by clicking the link.

*Every student planning on participating in Intramurals on campus must complete the mandatory liability waiver. This waiver can be completed in the Individual Registration Process.