Intramural Sports & Fitness


Rules & Regulations

Any rule or play interpretation not covered in these rules shall be governed by the playing rules established by USA Volleyball (USAV).


Section 1. The Game

  • The game shall be played by two teams of six players; at least two players must be from each sex.
  • The serving order and positions on the court shall alternate with the existing rotation.
  • A team may begin a game with five players, at least one of which must be from each gender.
  • If the ball hits the net on a serve and goes over it is a good serve and must be played. There are no “let” serves.
  • Matches will be determined through rally scoring, best of five games. The first 4 games will be played to 21 points. If a fifth game is necessary, it goes to 15 points.
  • There will be no talking / arguing with the refs. Only the captain may calmly discuss rules in-between games.
  • Sportsmanlike Conduct: Any harassing of the other team, the refs, and other unsportsmanlike conduct will not be allowed and can lead to ejection.

Section 2. The Court

  • The game shall be played in a court 60 feet x 30 feet.
  • The height of the net shall be set to the men’s height.
  • The walls of the Gym are out but the ceiling is in. However, if the ball passes over the net after hitting the ceiling the point does not count.


Section 1. Net Play and Rotation

  • There are no restrictions on males or females at the net, however if a player touches the net during game play (see touching the net below), it is a net violation, the other team will be awarded the point.
  • There must be a consistent rotation for players. No players may stay in one position the entire game. Also if there are extra players no player may skip being substituted on a rotation, unless it means they will be under the legal gender requirements.
  • Back attackers are permitted after the point has begun, but must stay behind the 6 foot line.
  • If the ball is played out wide it still must cross back through the antennas to count as still in play.

Section 2. Playing the ball

  • A player cannot block back a serve.
  • There are no restrictions on how many times a male or a female must hit the ball before it clears to the other side.
  • Any part of the body may be used to hit the ball back over the net except for intentionally heading the ball.
  • Sets need to be performed cleanly without holding the ball.
  • Touching the net- A player cannot touch the net with any part of her body. The only exceptions are if a ball is hit into the net causing it to be forced into a player.
  • Players cannot reach over the net to hit the ball when it is on the opponent's side, except when blocking (cannot touch ball until it's been hit by opponent). Extending beyond the net is legal if it occurs after the player has spiked the ball.
  • Interfering with opponents- If a player lands onto the opponent's side of the court, it is a fault.
  • There is no blocking of serves. Receiving player in the front line must stay on the ground and hit the ball in an upwards direction.