Residence Life

Living on Campus

View Your Housing Assignment

Students who have been assigned to a room on campus can now view their housing assignment, meal plan assignment, campus address, and roommate information through the MyCLU Portal.

Do you want to know what to bring and what you can leave at home? Here is a list to get you started!

As you view your assignment, these are the housing abbreviations for all of the Residence Halls:

  • MTCF — Mt. Clef Hall
  • PED — Pederson Hall
  • THMP — Thompson Hall
  • AFTN — Afton Hall (Old West Complex)
  • RASM — Rassmussen Hall (Old West Complex)
  • JANS — Janss Hall (Old West Complex)
  • NH — North Hall (New West Complex)
  • SO — South Hall (New West Complex)
  • WEST — West Hall (New West Complex)
  • POTN — Potenberg Hall (New West Complex)
  • MOGN — Mogen Hall (Old West Complex)
  • GRAC — Grace Hall
  • TRIN— Trinity Hall

Residence Hall Living

Living in a residence hall is a significant part of the educational experience at Cal Lutheran. A good portion of residential students' time will be spent in your hall. During this time students have the opportunity to interact with people who come from diverse backgrounds and have different personal philosophies. Learning to value and respect differences in people is a meaningful part of your education.

Residence Life is dedicated to the idea that it is essential for students to accept responsibility for themselves and their behavior. You can have a positive impact on your living environment when you assert yourself concerning your individual rights and respect the rights of those living around you. The end result is a community atmosphere which fosters individual development.

Living on campus also gives students tremendous opportunity to participate in the many activities that take place on campus.

Guide for New Students

All first year students will move into either Mt. Clef, Pederson, South or Thompson. For specific dates and times please see the important dates. In order to check-in to your assigned residence hall, students must have first checked-in with the orientation staff. Traffic and parking congestion are a natural by-product of move-in, so please be patient. Also, expect to wait in line as you check-in. Each hall will have its own system for checking in students on opening day. RA staffs and Peer Advisors will be present to help you through the check-in process and help you move in. Each student will be required to fill out the Residence Hall Online Check in form. After you have checked in with your hall staff, then you may begin moving belongings into your new home. Due to hall preparations, students may not move in early.

During the first week of school, each room will have an inventory that will need to be reviewed and signed by each student in the room. This will be the student's chance to give input on the condition of their room as stated on the room inventory form.

Hall Features

The Residence Halls offer laundry rooms, TV lounges, game/activity rooms, study lounges, community kitchens, and vending areas. All rooms are equipped with cable television and voice mail service upon request.  Also, all rooms have access to the University computer network (CLUnet). Students who bring their own computer will be able to make a network connection appointment with their Senior RA. Details regarding hookups are available by contacting Information Systems Services at 805-493-3698.

Each room is furnished with one extra long twin size bed (beds can be bunked), a desk and chair, a dresser, and closet space for each student. Additionally, each suite has a bathroom with a shower, sink and a toilet. You also have the option of furnishing your room with your own couch, loveseat, table, etc. (It might be a good idea to wait until you get here to figure out if you and your roommate(s) have room.) You may add furniture to your room, however, you are not allowed to remove the university supplied furniture.

Personalizing Your Room

Students may personalize their residence hall rooms in a variety of ways.

Wall Decorations

It is suggested that scotch tape or tack gum be used to adhere decorations to residence hall rooms. Things not to use to hang decorations are masking tape, duct tape, or nails. Students can be charged at the end of the year for any holes or tape residue left in residence hall rooms.

Plants & Animals

Plants are a nice way to add color and personality to your residence hall room. Fish are allowed in the Residence Halls in aquariums or 20 gallons or less. No other animals are allowed at any time.

Lofts and Bed Risers

Lofts are not allowed in residence hall rooms. Additionally, due to safety reasons, beds are not allowed to be placed on bed risers. However, a majority the beds on campus include an adjustable height feature.

Residence Hall Linens

Turn your room into a comforting home away from home with the Residence Hall Linens Program. Residence Life at Cal Lutheran has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide families and students with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have everything you need for life on campus. The extra long sheets and bedding products are guaranteed to fit all of the beds on campus and there are matching towels and even storage items available to help make the transition to college life easier. All products are guaranteed until graduation, and shipping is free for all Value Pak orders. Cal Lutheran receives proceeds from every order placed through this program. Parents and students who have taken advantage of this opportunity in previous years recommend placing your order early, since popular colors and patterns sell out quickly. Please visit the RHL website at or call 1-800-957-4338.


Freshmen students are primarily assigned to Mt. Clef, Pederson, South and Thompson halls only. Every attempt is made to place students in their first choice hall with their requested roommate(s). Room assignments are based on information provided by students on their housing applications. While there is no perfect method of matching roommates, such variables as personal habits, major, and hobbies are used to match roommates.

Students who have never shared a room should adopt a positive attitude. Roommates don't always have to be best friends. It is possible to have an strong relationship with your roommate without having common interests. Open communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Room changes are allowed, but only after October 1st. However, a room change is the last option pursued only after roommates have made a sincere effort to adjust to differences. Please contact your RA or hall staff if you are having roommate difficulties.

Hall Opening & Closing

All of our residence halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Mt. Clef, Pederson, and Thompson halls are not open during Christmas Break. Please refer to our Important Dates section to obtain specific hall closing and opening dates.

Your Mailing Address

Each residential student is assigned a campus mailbox in the Student Union Building. New students receive their box number and combination at check-in. In order to expedite the processing of student mail, the United States Postal Service has asked that all mail being sent to students at CLU use the following address. Contact the University Mail Center at 805-493-3188 with questions.

Your Name
101 Memorial Pkwy #____ (your box number)
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360