Student Life Conference Funding Request

Is there a conference or event that you would like to attend,
but don't have enough money?

The office of Student Life is now granting funds (by way of application) to full-time traditional undergraduate students who want to attend a conference or event. Print out the form below and turn it in to Andrea Treptow at the Student Life & Programs Office.

Goal of the Program

To provide students (full-time, traditional undergraduate) at CLU the opportunity to enhance their CLU experience through experiential learning.  This funding will not be assigned to students wanting to subsidize club trips or competitions.

Description of Funding Request

To receive priority, the Conference Funding Request Form must be filled out and submitted no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of the conference/event. This allows time for proper review by the Office of Student Life. Each individual student is allowed to apply for up to $250 per academic year and up to $1000 during his or her time as a full-time, traditional undergraduate student at CLU. Student Life will assign a maximum of $500 per conference. For example if 5 students are attending the same conference only $500 will be allocated toward that conference.  If the forms are submitted independently by multiple students attending the same conference, the money will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Group applications will not be accepted. Student Life does reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy.

Conference Funding Request Form

For questions regarding this process please contact Andrea Treptow at or 805.493.3521