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Students accept the following policies and procedures and agree to be bound thereby upon admission, readmission, or continued enrollment with California Lutheran University.  Any student is bound to follow all of the University’s policies and procedures and is subject to the jurisdiction of the University with regard to violations of such policies and procedures.  California Lutheran University students who fail to read this handbook will not be excused from compliance with the policies and procedures herein.

Alumni & Parent Relations, Admin. Bldg., Room 201 (x3170 or

If you are a CLU student who has completed 24 credits or more, congratulations—you are now a member of the Alumni Association!

Since its founding in 1964, the Alumni Association has grown to more than 23,000 members worldwide. But the Alumni Association is much more than numbers—it’s a way that keeps you connected to other alumni and to the University, valuable contacts that can yield a lifetime of benefits. So don’t wait—get involved now! Just visit Alumni Relations at to find out more about:

· Networking opportunities and special events

· Alumni outreach and education

· Support for clubs and organizations

· Activities especially for CLU seniors

· Opportunities to give to the University

Welcome, CLU Parents!

Every year it is our pleasure to welcome a new group of parents as members of the CLU community. Like most parents, you are probably breathing a big sigh of relief right now, as your children take their “first steps” as University students. We know you’ll want to know more about the new world they are entering, so we hope you will find the resources in this booklet to be useful. And we’ve also created an up-to-the minute CLU Parent Website at: to answer any questions you may have. We also will send you…

  • The Parent Connection: A monthly e-newsletter devoted to the CLU parent experience.

The Parent Connection can become your go-to source for information about CLU, including the academic calendar with exams and vacation breaks, other important dates, a schedule of events, guest editorials from faculty and staff, and information on how you can get involved in campus activities. Register for the Parent Connection at: www.callutheran,edu/alumni/parents/newsletter

  • Parent Volunteer Network (PVN): Your children will start their first week on campus in a volunteer experience that will set the tone for their college years. Volunteerism and service to the community are a big part of what CLU is all about. We hope you will consider joining us for all the fun and rewarding feelings that these activities generate in everyone who participates. They’ll be a part of your child’s experience at CLU—but they can be part of your experience as well.  

The Parent Volunteer Network is a great group of parents who want to stay informed about volunteer opportunities available to parents. We’ll let you know about some of these activities via email. We promise only to call you if you have expressed an interest in taking part. There is absolutely no obligation to participate—but then, you can’t let the kids have all the fun! For a complete list of parent volunteer opportunities, and to register for the Parent Volunteer Network, please visit our website at:


Associated Students of California Lutheran University (ASCLU), Student Affairs Offices (x3461)

There are a variety of ways students are involved on campus; student government, student/faculty committees, personnel searches and task forces focus on particular issues. All daytime undergraduate students carrying 12 units or more are automatically members of the Associated Students of California Lutheran University (ASCLU). The ASCLUG (Government) serves as the united voice of the student body. The ASCLUG is divided into four distinct bodies: the Programs Board, the Senate, the Executive Cabinet, and the Judicial Board.

Programs Board is responsible for ASCLUG sponsored events and activities such as: Club Lu, Homecoming, Spring Formal and more. Past Club Lu events have included Howl at the Moon dueling pianos, Cosmic Bowling, Battle of the Bands, and Ice Skating. The Senate plays an integral role in the University developing student-initiated legislation and allocating funds for capital projects and student concerns. Past projects have included purchasing new mascot costumes, supporting on-campus environmental sustainability, and working on promoting campus diversity. The Executive Cabinet oversees the two boards and facilitates official meetings every Monday night. The Judicial Board serves as the body that performs the function of constitutional review and serves as an impartial venue for the expedition of reviewing and removing Executive Cabinet, Senate and Programs Board members.

Students are elected by their peers to serve ASCLUG Programs Board, Senate and Executive Cabinet positions during the spring semester. First year and Transfer students are elected during their first fall term at CLU. ASCLU Judicial Board student representatives are appointed. Terms are for one academic year. Committee appointments within the boards are made through the ASCLUG Executive Cabinet. For information regarding ASCLUG offices, committee appointments or other campus involvement opportunities, contact the ASCLU President (, or check out the ASCLUG website at

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Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals, Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology, Room 114 (x. 3543)

The Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program is an integral extension of California Lutheran University’s commitment to excellence in higher education. The Professionals program provides flexible educational opportunities suited to meet the needs of working adult students. We strive to consistently offer creative learning environments, professional curriculum, exceptional faculty, and knowledgeable staff to ensure success in achieving your educational goals.

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Center for Academic and Accessibility Resources (CAAR)

Pederson Administration Building #104 (x 3260)

CAAR serves the California Lutheran University community by offering the following resources: Students Taking Academic Responsibility Program (STAR), Accessibility Resource Program (ARP), and Testing. The academic assistance program STAR provides proactive and developmental advising for all Conditionally Admitted, Probationary, and Elect-In students. ARP provides accessibility resources and accommodations for students with disabilities. Testing services include Foreign Language Proficiency Exams, CLEP administration, and Distant Education proctoring. In effort to support all who want to maximize their educational achievement, CAAR offers individual consultations with Academic Specialists, Student Success Workshops, and referrals to on-campus tutoring centers and other campus services. In addition, CAAR facilitates Academic Difficulty Notices that monitor students’ class progress and maintains Faculty Advisor assignments for all major departments. For more information about academic services, feel free to contact CAAR at 805-493-3260 or visit our website

Accessibility Resource Program (ARP)

CLU is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to students with documented disabilities who choose to self-identify. Students must register with the ARP program in order to request and receive disability-related aids and services. Located within the CAAR office, the ARP staff works together with the student, administrators, and faculty to assure access to course material, classrooms and other campus buildings as well as on-campus programs and events. Reasonable accommodations and services are determined based on disability information and individual need. These include but are not limited to note-taker services, extended test-time, alternative test location, books in alternative formats, adaptive technology lab as well as resources and referrals to other campus services. All services and accommodations are provided in a confidential manner that promotes independence, self-advocacy, and accountability. In addition, these services are provided in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, University policies, and state requirements. For more information, please contact the Accessibility Resource Coordinator at 805-493-3878 or and/or visit the website

Student Support Services (SSS)Pederson Administration Building #102 (x 3535)

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded grant program that works to increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible participants. CLU students whose parents do not have a college degree, students whose families meet specific income requirements, and/or students with disabilities are eligible to apply for SSS. One of the underlying goals of SSS at CLU is to instill a sense of identification with the university and to assist each participant with investing in their college experience. The program encourages participants to develop their academic and personal potential in order to complete their educational goals. The program focuses on promoting academic excellence by providing personalized services to students so they can make the most of their undergraduate education, complete their degree, and continue on to graduate or professional school if they desire.
Program elements include:
• Summer Orientation to Academic Resources (SOAR) summer bridge
• Academic Planning
• Academic Workshops
• Student Success Plans
• Tutoring / Group Study Lab
• Personal / Social Counseling
• Student Leadership and Intern Programs
• Cultural and Social Events
• Project Grad School (Graduate school preparation program)
• Financial Literacy Workshops
• FAFSA Application Workshops


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The California Lutheran University Bookstore (CLUB) (x3270)

Regular Hours:

Monday through Thursday 8:00AM to 7:00PM

Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturday 10:00AM to 2:00PM

Summer Hours:

Monday through Thursday 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturday Closed


The CLUB provides the required textbooks for each class with options such as new, used, digital and rental. The bookstore also carries an assortment of trade and reference books. Additional items such as gifts, imprinted clothing, greeting cards, school supplies, backpacks, phone cards, sustainable products, candy snacks, and drinks are also available.

Return Policy:

Refunds for textbooks purchased/rented for the current semester are available during the first week of each semester (dates are posted at the Bookstore). Books must be in the same condition as purchased (no highlighting/marks of any kind if purchased new) and accompanied by the original receipts. After the first week of classes, returns will ONLY be accepted with a signed drop slipand original receipt or within 48hrs of purchase. Signed drop slip returns will be allowed during the add/drop period. See the bookstore for complete details. Non-text merchandise is returnable, with original receipt, within 30 days of purchase date. Merchandise must be in re-sellable condition when returned.

Textbook Buyback:

Textbooks are bought back at the CLUB all semester. During finals week of each semester, we buy back books that are adopted for the next semester up to50% of the price paid for the textbook; non-adopted textbooks are bought back at the current national wholesale price. During the remainder of the semester all textbooks are brought back at market prices (Damaged and heavily marked in books might not be bought back).


Renting your textbooks offers the lowest up-front cost while allowing you to use your textbook like you always would. Just look for the “Rent-A-Text” logo either at our bookshelves or at our web page to see if your books are for rent. Just a reminder: to rent, you’ll need to be at least 18 years of age or older, Provide ID, contact information and have a major credit card in your name. Then, simply return your rented books at the end of the term to the bookstore on time to avoid late fees.

Rental Check-in:

You can check-in your books at the bookstore at the end of the term and not have to bother with shipping them anywhere. Even books rented through the bookstore's website at can be returned to the store.


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Campus Dining by Sodexo Campus Services, Dining Commons (x3203)

Meal Times:

Dining Commons


Breakfast: 7am-10:30am

Lunch: 11am-3:00pm

Dinner: 4:45pm-7pm, Dinner 5-6:30pm (Fridays only)

Saturday and Sunday

Continual Dining 10am-6:30pm

Sodexo Campus Services is responsible for the Dining Commons, the Centrum Café,Kiosk, Mogen Market, Jamba Juice, the Faculty/Staff Luncheons and all catering on campus. Campus Dining offices are located in the upper level of the Dining Commons. Some of the services accessible to students include: dietary counseling, and food to go for group field trips or other activities.

Munch Money is available for purchase through Sodexo as an additional payment option for students, commuters, faculty and staff and will be applied to your CLU ID card.You will receive an additional10%of what you purchase i.e. if you purchase $100 you will receive $110. Munch money can beused in all food outlets,and a reduced rate for lunch at the Dining Commons. All students residing on campus during the academic year are required to have a meal plan (19+, 15+, 12+). All on-campus students (19+, 15+, 12+ meal plans) are given 3 “bonus” meals per semester to use for guests. Students residing in the apartment style housing may choose 8+, 5+ or Bonus Points meal plan. The pluses on the meal plans stand forFlex Points which can be used like cash at any Food Service Outlet.Flex Pointsroll over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester, but they are removed at the end of Spring Semester. Each meal in the meal plans has a meal equivalency, which, can be used at any Food Service Outlet. The meal plan is non-transferable. Every Monday (the start of the meal plan week) your meal plan is re-set. ID cards are required to use your meal plan in the Dining Commons, Centrum Café,Jamba Juice, Kiosk, and Mogen Market. You can obtain an ID from Campus Safety. They can be reached at x3208. Students requiring a special diet should make an appointment with Sodexo Campus Services x3203. Meal plan changes canonlybe made through Residence Life. You can make your changes for the upcoming semester by either calling, e-mailing, or visiting the Residence Life Office.

General Policies:

Shirts and shoes are required in the Dining Commons, Kiosk, Jamba Juice, Mogen Market, and the Centrum.Students are asked to leave a clean table for the next patron. You may only take either one piece of fruit or one dessert when leaving the Dining Commons. Please do not remove china, cutlery or any other equipment from the Dining Commons.


The Centrum is located next to the Dining Commons and offers a variety of made-to-order foods and snacks.

The Centrum is open:

Monday-Thursday: Friday

8am-11pm: 8am-7pm


TheKioskis locatedby Jamba Juiceand offers a variety of foods and snacks.

TheKiosk is open:

Monday –Thursday: 7:45am-8:30pm

Friday: 7:45am-2pm

Mogen Market:

Mogen Market is the convenience store located in Mogen Hall.

Mogen Market is open:

Monday –Sunday: 5:00pm-12:00am

Jamba Juice:

Jamba Juice is open:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00a-8:30pm

Friday: 9:00am-4:30pm


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Campus Ministry, Samuelson Chapel (x3228)

You are a seriously connected individual: electronically, emotionally, socially, academically, spiritually, and globally.

Just like you, Campus Ministry is connected; in fact we are in the business of making connections. So let’s make some connections - between classroom and life, between faith and research, between service to humanity and vocation, between identity and purpose,between you and the God that loves you.

By design, practicing one's faith causes connections. Worship is one way to connect with God. Worship opportunities include University Chapel,Lord of LifeStudent congregation worship on Sunday, Common Ground evening Worship, Prayer and Reflection anda prayerLabyrinth located behind Samuelson Chapel.TheWennes Interfaith Meditation Chapel has resources from the world's major religions, prayer mats, and is open for prayer at all times.Faithforming opportunities are available through small groups, service learning projects, and educational offerings to further your growth in faith.

Campus Ministry endeavors to create a web of connections reminding us that we are connected to God and neighbor. ELCA Campus Pastors Scott and Melissa Maxwell-Doherty and Belle Michael, Rabbinic Intern welcome all those who wish to share a common faith in God. Got faith? Bring it, regardless of your religious affiliation.

Come express and explore your connection to a living God.

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Campus Safety (x3208)

General Information

The California Lutheran University Department of Campus Safety and is located on campus at the Welcome Center next to the Pederson Administration Building. Campus Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day to assist students, faculty, staff and visitors. For emergency or immediate requests for service from Campus Safety dial x3911 from any campus telephone. From off campus dial (805) 493-3911. Direct dial emergency phones are also available at various locations on campus. You may also call 9-1-1 to reach the Thousand Oaks Police or Fire Department directly. To dial from a campus line, dial 9-9-1-1. When you are calling any emergency service, be prepared to provide your name, phone number, location (actual address if calling from a mobile phone), and nature of the emergency.

For on campus non-emergency or routine business calls please dial x3208. From off campus, non-emergency or routine business calls, please dial (805) 493-3208. If the University telephone system should experience a temporary failure, the Department of Campus Safety may be reached by dialing (805) 492-7542.

Our goal is to help make California Lutheran University the safest campus environment possible. This is accomplished through excellence in customer service, working closely with students, pro-active crime prevention, exceptional communication skills, and building relationships through win-win agreements with all CLU stakeholders.

Some of the most visible Campus Safety responsibilities include:

  • Patrolling the campus via foot patrol, bicycle patrol, electric cart and vehicle patrol
  • Student escort services
  • Assistance with vehicle jump starts
  • Monitoring and response to fire and intrusion of alarm system
  • Oversight of building control access systems
  • Enforcement of traffic and parking control policies in partnership with the Thousand Oaks Police Department
  • Issuance of student, faculty and staff identification cards
  • Processing and issuance of Fitness Center membership cards
  • Thousand Oaks Campus parking permits
  • Lost and found
  • Building and maintaining a positive working relationship with all CLU departments
  • Enforcement of University policies
  • Building and fostering a positive interactive relationship with law enforcement agencies and other

emergency providers

  • Crime prevention programs and pamphlets
  • Oversight of Clery Act compliance
  • Implementation and oversight of the CLU Emergency Operations Plan
  • Operation of the Welcome Center and Campus Switchboard

Campus Safety Officers are well trained and intimately familiar with campus safety management. While all calls are considered important, at times officers may have to prioritize responses depending on the volume and nature of the calls for service. This is a discretionary process which may result in delay in responding to some requests for service. However, if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, please communicate this to the officer when you call.

Last, but certainly not least, we encourage all members of the University community to contact Campus Safety with any questions, comments or recommendations for improving the way we do business. You may contact Fred Miller, Director of Campus Safety or Craig Lightfoot, Assistant Director, by calling (805) 493-3208.

Bicycles, In-Line Skates, Skates, and Skateboards:

Bikes must be registered with Campus Safety and only secured to a bike rack. Bikes secure to anything but a bike rack are subject to immediate removal by cutting the lock if necessary. CLU is not responsible for any damage to the bike lock. Bikes must be removed from bike racks after graduation in May and may not be left on campus without permission of Campus Safety.

All modes of transportation, including those listed above, must be utilized in a manner that is safe for the user as well as members of our community. All California vehicle codes pertaining to the use of bicycles shall be followed at all times. If you have any questions regarding these rules and regulations, please contact the office of Campus Safety. Use of bicycles, in-line skates, and skateboards are strictly prohibited on the tennis courts.

Unsafe or prohibited use, either observed or reported, could result in disciplinary action.

Emergency Vehicles

Red, blue or amber lights are all considered emergency lighting on University property. Campus Safety vehicles use only amber or white lighting. When you are approaching a stopped Campus Safety vehicle with its lights on, do so with caution. If you observe the vehicle traveling with the amber and white lights, it is requested you yield safely to the side of the roadway.

Law Enforcement Agencies:

The Department of Campus Safety has an excellent working relationship with the Thousand Oaks Police Department. Law enforcement officials may be on campus at any time for any reason. While on campus, law enforcement officials may enforce any violation of law or enter residence halls as required to conduct official business.

General Safety Tips:

We are all stakeholders in the wellbeing of our University, and as such have individual responsibilities in helping maintain a safe and secure environment. Please help us propagate this standard by adhering to the following recommendations:

  • Immediately report any and all criminal activity to the Department of Campus Safety.
  • Lock your doors and windows and do not leave your room empty and unlocked, even for a few seconds.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Be street smart!
  • Do not prop open exterior doors to attempt to circumvent alarms on exterior doors. This security is in place

to help protect residents.

  • If you find a door or window that will not lock or unlock properly, immediately notify a Residence Life or

Campus Safety staff member.

  • Protect your property. Locking your bicycle or vehicle is an effective crime prevention measure.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight.
  • When out late at night, consider traveling in groups of three or more.
  • When necessary, always choose a designated driver before leaving for a night out.

Littering, Vandalism and Graffiti:

One of the many amenities at California Lutheran University is the beautiful, picturesque campus. Please help us maintain this pristine setting by utilizing the trash and recycling receptacles throughout campus.

Lost and Found:

To check on lost, stolen, or misplaced items, please contact Campus Safety. Items collected or turned over to our department are recorded for the eventual return to the rightful and legal owner.

North Campus:

With limited and approved exceptions, the rural area north of Pre-school Road is off-limits to vehicles. Areas are posted with “NO TRESPASSING” signs and locked gates. Let us all do our part in protecting the natural beauty of these undeveloped areas surrounding the campus. Driving any type of vehicle in these areas is not only a fire hazard, but it also adversely impacts the immediate environment and is unsafe for the occupants of motorized vehicles. Violation of this section may result in fines and/or disciplinary action.

Campus Parking Enforcement:

Driving on campus or parking on campus is a privilege and failure to comply with the Campus Vehicle Code or parking regulations can result in the privilege being denied.

All vehicles parking on the Thousand Oaks Campus must be registered within one day of arrival on campus. Registration can be completed in person at the Welcome Center or online at All vehicles must have a valid parking permit visibility displayed at all times. Parking permits vary and may limit the areas you may park on campus or the times you may park in specific areas. Failure to comply may result in a citation. Failure to pay a citation may result in a hold on your account in the Business Office.

Parking or stopping in a handicap space without a handicap placard or parking along a red curb or in a fire lane will result in the issuance of a citation and possible towing of the vehicle.

Campus Conduct Hotline:

The Campus Conduct Hotline offers an easy, comfortable way to report activity or behavior you may observe or experience on campus that is harmful, unethical, questionable, or causes you or someone else injury. You may also use this hotline to report sexual harassment, stalking, and domestic or dating violence. You can call (866) 943-5787 anytime of the day and speak confidentially and anonymously with a friendly, trained specialist who will guide you through the details of your concern.

Emergency Notification System:

As a student you will be required to register on-line and provide information that will allow you to be immediately notified of an emergency on campus that could affect your safety and welfare. The system will send a brief message to one or more of the following devices you may have: cell phone, office phone, text message, or email. If you change your text message, email, or cell phone provider, remember to go the CLU website, log into My CLU and go to Campus Alerts to update your information. Remember, reaching you quickly in an emergency depends on Campus Safety having correct contact information.

Emergency Phones:

Although most everyone carries a mobile phone, there are a number of emergency phones on the Thousand Oaks Campus. There are four standalone phones (west parking lot of Trinity Hall, Buth Park on Memorial, the walkway between the library and Memorial Parkway, and in the parking lot outside Alumni Hall that connect directly to Campus Safety. In addition, there are a number of wall mounted phones located outside most resident halls, some academic buildings and the Gilbert Sports Center. These phones allow the caller to dial 9-911 or to dial any four digit campus extension, including Campus Safety at x3208 or 3911.

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Career Services, Scandinavian Cultural Center (x3200)

Hours: Monday through Friday 8:45am to 4:45pm

Christmas, Spring Break and Summer Break: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Career Services is available for all students and alumni at no charge even after graduation. CLU’s professional staff will assist you with exploring career choices, building your resume, internship and job searches, interview preparation and career decision making. To access our job and internship listings please go to: You may also complete a profile to have Career Services send jobs, internships, and events to you via email. Below is a list of services offered and issues Career Services can assist you with:

  • Over 30 workshops and seminars a semester related to career issues
  • Career counseling sessions, email advising, and phone consultations
  • Career assessment test and help with choosing a major or career direction
  • Resume and cover letter critiques and resume books for employers
  • Email announcements on jobs, internships, and events
  • Over 17,000 employers and 40 new job and internship listings a day
  • Graduate school, medical school and law school advising
  • Mock interviews to prepare for employment interviews
  • Salary surveys and advising on negotiations
  • Career and graduate school fairs and advising on essay writing and applications
  • Panel events with speakers from different industries
  • Credit for internships-forms can be picked in the Career Center

To learn more go to:




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Community Service Center (CSC), Student Leadership and Programs Office (x3981)

The Community Service Center serves to engage students in sustainable service outside the classroom; to develop active citizens that will be knowledgeable of the difference an individual can make within their community. We strive to create a student body committed to lifelong service and justice in a global society. In keeping with CLU's mission to educate leaders committed to service and justice, we create service opportunities that match community needs and student interests.

The CSC is the place to go for:

      On-campus service opportunities

Information about local agencies and how to get involved in your local community

Assistance with identifying volunteer opportunities for individuals and student organizations

Resources on service opportunities when you’re studying abroad or after you graduate

Ideas on how to connect your interests to the campus and community

The CSC promotes service programs year-round, including:

Service Day

Fair Trade Fair

      Green Week

Adopt a Family

Senior Buddies

Relay For Life

Alternative Break Trips

For more information, additional programs, and to sign up, visit or contact us at

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Conferences and Event Services, 3350 Campus Drive (x3195)

The Events Services Office is responsible for scheduling all events that occur on the campus. Additionally, Events Services schedules the use of all facilities except for athletic venues and fields. Any event or use of CLU facilities must be registered with this office. Any services must be arranged two weeks in advance. In addition the Event Services Office handles all refunds/service requests for all vending and washing/dryer machines on campus.

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Exercise Science (x3845) and Varsity Athletics, (x3400)

Information pertaining to Varsity Athletics is available at the Athletics office front desk located upstairs at the North East corner of the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center.

Information pertaining to Exercise Science is available at the Exercise Science front desk located upstairs at the North East corner of the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center.

General recreational activities are open to all students and are available when facilities are open, scheduled on the master calendar, and supervised. These facilities include the Forrest Fitness Center, the Soiland Recreation Center, the Samuelson Aquatics Center, the Fitness Studio and the North Field.

All athletics facilities must be scheduled prior to usage. For scheduling and usage, please call ext. 3862.

Please call the Student Life Office, ext. 3302 with questions regarding the CLU Forrest Fitness Center or Intramural and Club Sports. For a schedule of Athletic events visit  For a schedule of all other activities visit the CLU calendar at or contact the Events Office at ext. 3195. CLU sponsors 20 varsity sports including football, women’s volleyball, baseball, softball, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s water polo, men’s and women’s swimming and diving, and track and field.

The Kingsmen and Regals compete in the prestigious Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) as an NCAA Division III member.

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Service Requests:

When seeking assistance with a repair or maintenance issues, you can call the Facilities Service Desk at 805-493-3215, to place a service request.  Service requests are completed on a first-come first-serve basis, with emergencies taking priority.  All work will be completed as promptly as possible, but not all services can be completed on the same day requested, especially if a work order is placed after 12 noon.  If parts or materials are not immediately available to complete the service, the work will be completed as soon as parts arrive. Your understanding and cooperation are always appreciated.

You can also place work orders online at To do so, use your campus room number as your login, the password can remain empty and “clu” should be entered as the client. Any questions about this process can be directed to the Facilities Service Desk.

Facilities Emergencies:

Our service personnel are on duty Monday-Friday, 8:15am-5:00pm. During off hours, in case of an emergency (clogged drains, sinks or toilets, fire, floods, main building or suite power failure), call Campus Safety at 805 493-3211, then contact the Graduate Assistant, Coordinator for Residence Life or on-duty RA for your building.

Gas Leaks: In the event that you smell gas in any area on campus, leave the area immediately.  Do not light matches, do not turn off lights and do not ventilate the room.  Call Campus Safety at 805 493-3911, immediately after you leave the area. Please also call the Facilities Service Desk at 805 493-3215 and your RA after notifying Campus Safety.

By working together, we expect that your experience at CLU will be safe and problem free.


Work order request:

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Office of Financial Aid, Admissions and Financial Aid Building (x3115):

The Office of Financial Aid assists students to help bridge the gap between the cost of education and their ability to pay for those costs. Financial assistance may include grants, scholarships, and self-help (student and parent loans and/or student employment). Sources of financial aid include federal, state and university resources. Additional information regarding specific requirements, policies, procedures, and deadlines for applying for financial aid may be found in the CLU Undergraduate Catalog or on the Financial Aid homepage at

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Forrest Fitness Center and Club Sports, Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center (x3275):

The Forrest Fitness Center is a two-story 9,600 square foot facility where you will find everything to meet your fitness needs. The center offers a mezzanine level just for cardio, which is full of treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and upright bikes, and steppers. On the main floor there is a variety of pin-loaded weight machines, plate-loaded strength machines, and free-weights and bars for your entire physical health needs. There are areas for stretching, use of fitness balls, and plyometric training. There are also group fitness classes which are offered through the Fitness Center programs. The information for these classes can be obtained at our front desk. Classes in the past have included pilates, yoga, hip hop cardio, martial arts and kickboxing.

Intramural and Recreation Sports, Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center (x3275):

The home for Intramurals Sports and Outdoor Recreational programming is also in the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center. Students can participate in leagues that compete in the fall or spring. The leagues play on Sunday afternoons and during the week in the evenings. Sign-ups and information are available during the school year online at: This office provides ongoing competitive leagues that include softball, volleyball, dodge ball, basketball, indoor soccer, inner tube water polo and flag football. The office also programs for outdoor trips, which in the past have included beach camping, white water rafting, surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding and hiking. Other recreational programming includes Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker tournaments, Ping Pong, Billiards, Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as the Fall Holiday and Spring Break trip. Club Sports are also run through this office. California Lutheran University currently has a team for Rugby, Lacrosse, and Ultimate Frisbee. Most information is available online, however for more detailed information please stop by the office which is located inside the Forrest Fitness Center.

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Student Counseling Services

3222 Luther Ave.

Phone: 805 493 3390 Fax: 805 493 3388

Mail Code #4275


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Closed daily 12pm-1pm for lunch.

Closed on Wednesday 10am-11am for Chapel

After hours emergency/crisis coverage: Contact your RA or Campus Safety at x3911


To provide professional, confidential, psychological counseling services free of charge to registered Cal Lutheran students and psychological education/counseling to the entire Cal Lutheran community.


Director: Alan B. Goodwin, Ph.D., J.D., CA Licensed Psychologist (PSY19421) and Clinical Supervisor; other staff members include Post-doctoral Fellows and Pre-doctoral practicum students.

Services: Individual, Couples and Group psychological counseling, crisis counseling, outreach and mental health promotion programs, web-based assessments at and psychological consultation to the campus community.


Students are seen by appointment. Students experiencing a psychological crisis are seen on a walk-in basis. To make an appointment, please call x3390 or walk to the Counseling Services building and make an appointment with the receptionist.

Requirement for Service: Proof of current CLU registration.

Health Services, 3240 Luther Street (x3225)

Phone: 805-493-3225 Fax: 805-493-3955

Mail Code #4300


During the traditional academic year:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9am-noon and 1pm-4:30pm

Tuesday 9am-4:30pm and 5pm-7:30pm

Closed for Chapel Hour and for all university holidays

During Winter and Summer Breaks:

Tuesday 11am-4pm and 5pm-7:30pm

Thursday 9am-noon and 1pm-4:30pm

After hours emergency/crisis coverage:

Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Campus Safety at x3911

Mission: To provide high quality, low cost, confidential health care to CLU Students.

Staff: Physician assistants, nurses, and support staff. A family practice physician is available by appointment during limited hours.

Services: Care for acute illness or injury, laboratory, TB testing, immunizations, medications, and sexual health services including gynecological exams, STD testing and treatment. Referrals to off-campus health care providers are available as needed.

Appointments: Appointments are encouraged for medical care. Appointments are required for physician visits, well women exams, and other physicals. Urgent care might be provided on a walk-in basis but walk-ins may be referred to outside providers if needed.

Requirements: Proof of current full-time CLU registration or living on-campus. Undergraduate students must have a completed Medical History Form, Immunization Form, TB Screening Form, and Meningitis Awareness Form on file at Health Services. There is a fee for office visits, labs, medications, immunizations, physicals (including well women exams), and procedures. Payment is expected at time of visit as Health Services does not bill insurance (we do take cash, checks, and most credit/debit cards).

Student Health Insurance: All international students (but not domestic students) are included in a basic sickness and injury insurance plan. International students must be referred by Health Services to access this plan for specialist care. Please read the plan brochure (check on-line at as this insurance is a basic and limited plan and it is the student’s responsibility to understand its limits. It is not recommended to discontinue any major medical plan the student may already be enrolled in.

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Information Systems and Services

Pearson Library, (x3250)

The Office of Information Systems and Services mission is to support the University's goals and provide a high quality teaching/learning environment for students, faculty and staff. In addition to traditional library services, this department supports and maintains CLUnet, the campus-wide network, all of the student computer labs, the University's Internet link and the campus telecommunications system.

The ISS website can be accessed at

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University Mail Center (x3188)


CLU is a community within a community requiring all of the postal services of a small city. This service is provided through the University Mail Center, under the direction of Auxiliary Services. The Mail Center offers U.S. Postal Services including the processing of incoming and outgoing Postal mail; express and ground package services by United Parcel Service and FedEx.  Additionally, the Mail Center assigns mail boxes to all students living on campus. Those eligible to use mail services include currently employed administrators, faculty and staff, and enrolled students. The Mail Center is open to the University community Monday through Thursday, 9am-7pm; Friday, 9am-5pm; & Saturday, 10am-2pm. We’re closed Sundays, during Chapel Hour, and all University-observed holidays. During Winter, Spring & Summer breaks we operate on a reduced schedule; please inquire regarding those hours.  The goal of the Mail Center is to provide courteous and efficient service, handling mail expeditiously and economically.


Important note: While the Mail Center is not an “official” Post Office, we must follow the rules and regulations established by the U.S Postal Service. Therefore, when addressing mail to a student or department, no reference to P.O Box or Box should be made. For accurate delivery, simply place a # sign and then the corresponding box or department number after the street, i.e. 101 Memorial Pkwy #___, for student mail; or 60 W. Olsen Rd #___, for faculty and staff mail.

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Multicultural Programs and International Student Services, Multicultural and International Student Services Office (x3323)

The Office of Multicultural Programs and International Student Services serves as an educational resource for the entire campus community. The Office promotes identity development and cross-cultural learning through on-going programs. The Office sponsors on-campus events celebrating the cultural diversity within the United States and abroad and has a book and video library that is available to campus members. The Office provides leadership opportunities for students interested in event planning; social justice issues, and outreach. Some of the annual events include Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, a World Fair, Festival de Encuentros, an International Chapel Service, Pride Week, Chinese New Year, and Black History Month. All students are invited to participate in one or more of our 19 Culture and Justice Clubs. The Office also provides programming to assist international students with their transition to the United States as well as CLU. International students are provided advisement on passports, visas, and work permits through personal appointments and through workshops offered each year.

International Student Services, Multicultural and International Student Services Office (x3323):

Each year, students from all over the world come to study at CLU. The International Student Services Office provides an international student seminar at the beginning of each academic term. Undergraduate international students are provided with peer mentors and all international students receive individual immigration advising for maintaining their F-1visa status, including advisement for obtaining Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Curricular Practical Training (CPT), as well as advisement and counseling for U.S. Immigration and Immigration Services issues. Support programs and workshops are held throughout the year to address the needs of international students. The office also facilitates cultural celebrations and social events throughout the school year to bring international and American students together for cultural exchange and interaction. All students are invited to join the United Students of the World Club (USW), the Chinese Student Association and the Saudi Student Club.

Multicultural Programs, Multicultural and International Student Services Office (x3323)

The Multicultural Programs Office serves as an educational resource for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the surrounding community interested in developing an appreciation for diversity and cross-cultural competence. The Office promotes collaborative student and university multicultural learning experiences through dialogues, workshops, cultural events, guest speakers, and a multicultural book and video library. A variety of activities give students the opportunity to achieve greater self-awareness while gaining a greater appreciation of campus and global diversity. The Multicultural Programs Office supports 19 Culture and Justice Clubs and provides numerous leadership opportunities.

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Pearson Library (x3250)

Monday-Friday 8:15AM-11:45PM
Saturday-Sunday 10:15AM- 11:45 PM*
*Holiday and Intersession hours are posted on the ISS website (
Borrowing policies and privileges are posted on the ISS website (
Pearson Library is an integral part of the Office of Information Systems and Services. The library is open 104 hours each week during the school year and the Information Commons is staffed 84 hours each week. The professional staff provides reference assistance as well as Information Literary instruction for undergraduate and graduate level courses. One-on-one appointments and virtual one-on-one assistance is available, as well as the usual walk-up research and technology usage assistance whenever the Information Commons’ desk is staffed. Library reference services that include real-time chat service, e-mail reference, and SMS messaging and mobile initiatives, provide patrons with access to information wherever they are, whenever they need it. Items not available in the library can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. Requests can be made using the ILL web form posted on the ISS website and most journal article requests are delivered electronically to the requestor’s email account within 48 hours of the request.
The Pearson Library Online Catalog (OCLC’s WMS) provides access to the library collections via the Internet. It offers a powerful discovery and delivery tool, and patron initiated functions such self-renewal of books and placing holds on print resources.
Information on CLU Pearson Library, it’s policies, and research resources can be found at .

The Library Collection contains:

  • 318,560 volumes including 185,339 full-text e-books

  • 300 print and electronic journal subscriptions

  • 161 online databases with over 70,000 full text journals

  • Access to over a million full text dissertations that are available to download in PDF format

  • Curriculum, juvenile literature, and audiovisual collections

  • Course reserve material available in the library and via Blackboard 9.1 course management system

  • Over 740 Popular reading and over 2,380 Film and DVD titles

  • Over 382, 000 High Resolution rights cleared images

  • Over 7,759 streaming online videos

Non-ISS Offices in the Pearson Library:

The Writing Center

Language Lab

Math Lab

Campus Computing

Help Desk: ISS provides assistance with computer applications and training for staff and faculty on multiple computer applications. The Help Desk offers support for CLUnet accounts, scheduling and trouble-shooting wired and wireless hookups and computer troubleshooting. The CLU Help Desk can be reached at x3698 Monday-Thursday6:30AM to 10:00PM,Friday6:30 AM to 8 PM,and Saturday – Sunday 9AM to 1PM or any time via email: .

My CLU Portal: The myCLU portal provides a single gateway to many of the online resources available to CLU students; myCLU can be accessed at Username and password for myCLU are the same as your CLUnet account. Following is a list of specific resources currently available; however, features and services are constantly being added to the portal.

o CLU Mail (with a Gmail Interface)
o Web Advisor
o Blackboard
o Library account
o Article Databases
o CLU Staff and Student Directories
o Virus removal and Microsoft Windows Patches
o CLU News
o Weather
o Campus Announcements
o Housing Assignments
o E-Advising
o Registered classes

o    My Content – central file storage drop box and on-line portfolio

o Community – clubs and organizations

o Qualtrics (survey tool)

Computer Labs: The University supports a mixed platform of MAC and PC computers in several labs on campus.

Lab hours and software in each lab may be viewed at:

Library Computer Lab: An open computer lab with 46 computers (38 Windows, 8 Macintosh). In addition to the computers there are also DVD players.

Additional Computer Labs are located at:

D Building Room 8 (25 Window Computers)

D Building Room 14 (21 Windows Computers)

Library Room 7 (15 Windows Computers)

Peters Hall, Room 105 (25 Windows Computers)

SBET, Room 138 (25 Macintosh Computers)

SBET, Room 139 (25 Windows Computers)

Swenson Center, Room 110 (30 Mac Computers)

Swenson Center, Room 111(30 Windows Computers)

Soiland Humanities Center, Room 106 (20 Windows Computers)

Ventura Center Campus---2 labs (20 Windows Computers, 15 Windows Computers)

Warner Center Campus---2 labs (25 Windows Computers, 20 Windows Computers)

Connecting to CLUnet: In addition to open computer labs, CLU provides wired and wireless network access to students free of charge. All residence halls are equipped with wired network connections for student use. Only one wired device per person is allowed on the network. Minimum computer configuration and patch requirements can be found at

CLUWnet provides wireless coverage to all buildings on campus and some outdoor areas. Please refer to the latest coverage. Students can connect their personal computer devices to the wireless network using personal CLUnet account and password. The wireless network is at a minimum 802.llb compliant. Non-CLU owned wireless access points are not allowed anywhere on campus. Please contact the help desk at ext. 3698 for additional information and fee schedule for networking supplies such as network cards and cables.

ISS provides basic network connectivity support to students free of charge. Software maintenance for virus and spyware removal is offered at a cost recovery basis of $25. ISS does not provide other parts repairs or reinstallation support, but can provide a list of recommended local vendors for support.

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Media Services, Spies-Bornemann Center for Education Technology (x3820)

Media Services at California Lutheran University provides presentation technology to the CLU community. Classroom presentation and video equipment are available for check out at the Media Services office.
Services include the following:
Audio/visual classroom support
Video production and duplication
Faculty assistance with education technology

All AV, multi-media, and sound equipment

Equipment is available to faculty, staff, and current students. If you would like to order any of the equipment, please call us at 805.493.3820 or fill out the equipment set up form on our website:

Equipment includes:
LCD Projectors, Laptops, Cameras, tripods, studio lights and microphones.
Media Services also manages the Television Studio, edit rooms, CLU TV and

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Telecommunications (x3121)

All residence hall suites are equipped with one phone extension. The Telecom office provides support to students by lending basic phones for student use and providing local support for residential students. Local phone calls from residence halls are free of charge to students. All long distance calls require a calling card.

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Printing & Copy Services Center (x3190)

Location: Riparian Bldg. #99 on CLU Map (near Gilbert Sports Center)


Hours:  M-F 8:30a.m.-5p.m.

Print/Copy/Fax/Binding/Oversize posters services available to students, faculty and staff through the Printing Services Office. Various stocks and colors available and additional services can also be obtained through this office.

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Registrar’s Office, Pederson Administration Building 103 (x3105)

The Registrar’s Office keeps the official student academic record for each student attending CLU. Among their many services are registration, grades, transcripts, transfer evaluation, enrollment verification, and verification of athletic eligibility, degree requirements, and conferring degrees. Additional information regarding your academic profile can be located on webadvisor.

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Residence Life/Student Conduct Office, Mt. Clef Hall (x3220)

In support of the values defined in CLU's mission, the Residence Life Office works to create a living environment that promotes and enhances student educational opportunities by focusing on developing a respect for and connection to the CLU community.

Residence Life Office Staff:

The office staff is primarily responsible for planning and supervising all the programs offered in the halls. The staff works closely with the hall staff and residents in promoting a well-balanced array of services and programs for you.

Coordinators for Residence Life:

The Coordinators are full-time professional staff members with several years of experience working with students. Some of their major job responsibilities include training and selection of Resident Assistants, supervision and training of Graduate Resident Directors, Student Conduct and housing management, as well as supervising an RA staff team and helping students develop a positive community in the halls. There is one Coordinator in Mogen, one Coordinator in Grace, and one Coordinator in Trinity.

Graduate Resident Directors:

The Graduate Resident Directors (GRDs) are graduate students who live in the residence halls and who attend one of CLU’s graduate programs. The GRDs job responsibilities include supervising an RA staff, maintaining a positive hall environment, conflict mediation, and helping students develop a positive community in the halls. The GRDs are also partly responsible for Student Conduct and housing aspects within the Residence Life Office. The GRDs live in Mt Clef, Thompson, Pederson, Old West, and New West.

Resident Assistants (RAs):

RAs are undergraduate students who live in the Residence Halls and have knowledge and experience with student concerns and campus resources. They receive many hours of training and are available to help students with problems or questions. RAs are knowledgeable about academic advising issues and can assist you with your academic goals. An important role of the RAs is to help you and your neighbors create a healthy living/learning community. They are also responsible for communicating the CLU Standards of Conduct and Policies and are expected to respond to situations which violate campus policy. Resident Assistants will sponsor and help you organize many social and educational programs throughout the year. There are 45 RAs throughout all the Residence Halls.

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Student Accounts Office, Hansen Administration Building (x3173)

Student Accounts, located in the Business Office, provides a variety to services to enrolled students. The staff responds to questions regarding billing, fees and payment options. Payments can be made in our office with cash or check. To pay in full by e-check, login to the MyCLU, open WebAdvisor, and click on CLUpay. For students choosing to pay fees in equal monthly payments, CLU provides an automatic monthly payment plan in CLUpay. You can also log on to the Student Accounts’ Website to view payment options and gather information on gaining financial clearance for course registration. In addition to services related directly to the maintenance of student accounts, the office also cashes personal checks and accepts payment for University assessed fines. The Student Accounting staff strives to provide accurate, friendly, personal service. For additional information regarding our policies and procedures, check out our Website at

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Student Affairs Division Mission Statement:

With students at our core, the CLU Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing the highest quality of student life within our campus community. Our mission is to empower students to succeed in higher education; to grow in spirituality, integrity, and leadership; to embrace diversity; to choose a healthy lifestyle; to develop in their careers; and to adopt a lifelong commitment to service.


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Student Life (x3553)

The Student Life Office offers a variety of programs, services, and resources for all CLU undergraduate students. Student Life is “the place” to find what is going on both on and off campus. Our mission is to develop, implement, and support social, cultural, and educational co-curricular programs.

As a department of the Student Affairs Divisions at CLU, the Student Leadership and Programs Office embraces the mission of the university by:

  • Fostering mentor relationships among faculty, staff, and students
  • Advising the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government
  • Providing services and advisement to student clubs and organizations
  • Creating leadership training and development opportunities
  • Managing the campus publicity policy and “The Student Weekly Update” (a student weekly newsletter that list events on campus)
  • Offering discount tickets to local attractions including movies and theme parks
  • Collaborating with other areas of the campus community
  • Coordinating New Student Orientation during Fall and Spring semesters

Student Life is comprised of four different offices:

  • Community Service Center
  • Intramural Sports, Forrest Fitness Center, and Outdoor Recreation
  • Transitional and Leadership Development Programs
  • Wellness Programs

The Student Life Office encourage students to become involved in life on campus and to participate in many of the co-curricular programs being offered. Involvement throughout one’s college years will contribute to further student learning and personal development.



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Study Abroad Center, Nelson Room 101 (x3750)

Email: Website:

In keeping with the University’s mission to “educate leaders for a global society,” the CLU Study Abroad Center helps students incorporate an international dimension into their college experience. Spending a summer, semester, or year abroad and/or participating in travel courses, students broaden their horizons and gain global perspective. Through these experiential learning opportunities, students also gain essential skills necessary for future careers in an increasingly interconnected world.

Students can choose from a variety of destinations (over 70 countries) offered through CLU Programs and Partner/Affiliate Programs. In addition to academic courses, many programs feature internships and service-learning opportunities. With proper approval, courses taken abroad transfer back to CLU as major, minor, core or elective credit. Financial aid is available.

Interested students should attend a Study Abroad Information Session and review the study abroad website. Students are encouraged to visit the Study Abroad Center to research programs and for assistance throughout the process. In addition, students should meet with their faculty advisor and map out a tentative four-year plan.

Students on Residence Hall Suspension, Residence Hall Expulsion, University Probation, University Suspension, University Expulsion, or any combination thereof are not eligible to study abroad.
Eligibility for students on Residence Hall Probation or under other disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee and the Director of Study Abroad.
While studying abroad, students are considered to have a continuing relationship with California Lutheran University and are therefore subject to the policies of the University. Violations of host country laws and program policies while abroad may result in disciplinary action at California Lutheran University.


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Wellness Programs, Student Life Office (x3950)

Wellness Programs is a division of Student Life that focuses on programming efforts to help promote health and wellness topics for CLU students. As advocates for healthy living, the staff allows for educational opportunities and accessible tools to be made available to students in order to help make healthy choices while at CLU. Our programming focuses on a wide range of topics including our four main areas of focus: Healthy Living, Alcohol Education, Tobacco and Other Drugs, and Sexual Responsibility. Students are welcome to visit the office, currently located in the modular units across from the Swenson Building - or visit our website at <>for 24 hour wellness information at their fingertips.

Some annual events students can expect from Wellness Programs include:
Safe Spring Break

Red Watch Band- A training on campus, open to all interested CLU students, regarding alcohol safety. Learn basic responsibility tips and how to help someone who may be dangerously intoxicated.
The Cal Lu Color Dash- The Most Colorful 5K on campus! Come out to run a 5K event with students, faculty, staff, and alums and get ready to get doused with color! This soon to annual event is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

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