New Student Orientation

For Undergraduate Students

Meet Your Mentors

At New Student Orientation you will officially check into Cal Lutheran. You will be ushered by your Peer Advisors through activities geared to introduce you to the CLU community.

You will meet your classmates, figure out where your classes are, find out what the surrounding community has to offer, move into your residence hall (if you are living on campus) and much more! You will also meet your Mentor Team which is made up of two to four people.

  • Peer Advisor - An upperclassmen student leader who is responsible for guiding you through the first weekend and co-teaching your Freshmen Seminar course during the Fall Semester. NOTE: Some groups have two Peer Advisors.
  • Faculty Mentor - A member of the CLU faculty who is your initial academic advisor and also teaches your Freshmen Seminar class with your Peer Advisor(s) and Administrative Mentor.
  • Administrative Mentor - A university administrator whose primary task is to help you succeed administratively at CLU. They can assist you with a wide-range of issues or questions.

First Year Peer Advisors 2014-2015

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Tiersa Jones '17
Hometown: American Canyon, CA
Major: Psychology

Abby Walder '16
Hometown: Port Angeles, WA
Minor: Women's Studies

Abigail Gillmore '17
Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Major: Liberal Studies

Ally Andrew '15
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Major: Biology

Alexis Hahn '16
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Minor: Women's Studies

Alexis Schomer '16
Hometown: Porter Ranch, CA
Major: Business Administration

Amber Lowther '15
Hometown: Hollister, CA
Major: Liberal Studies
Minor: Psychology

Amber Trujillo '16
Hometown: Ladera Ranch, CA
Major: Business Management

Annie-Claire Lowen '16
Hometown: Valencia, CA
Major: Music
Minors: Psychology

Annika Dybevik '17
Hometown: Issaquah, WA
Major: Theater Arts

Ashlee Bowen '16
Hometown: West Hills, CA
Major: Liberal Studies
Minor: Youth and Family Ministries

Celeste Gregorio '17
Hometown: Temecula, CA
Major: Psychology

Cody Jones '17
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Majors: Psychology; Marketing Communications

Dalia Flores '16
Hometown: Los Osos, CA
Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Sociology

Daniel Lacey '17
Hometown: Westlake Village, CA
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Computer Graphics

Genesis Rodriguez '16
Hometown: West Hills, CA
Major: Spanish; Communication

Isabella Del Mese '16
Hometown: Valencia, CA
Major: Communications

Jill Kane '16
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Major: Communications

Jordan Buendia '17
Hometown: Glendale, CA
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Physics

Katie Holliday '16
Hometown: Oak Park, CA
Majors: Biology; Environmental Science

Kylie Clark '17
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Major: Liberal Studies
Minor: Art

Melissa Magdaleno '17Hometown: Whittier, CA
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Spanish

Michelle Cerami '17
Hometown: Rolling Hills, CA
Major: Sociology
Minor: Ethnic Studies

Mondesi (Bruno) Sajor '16
Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Major: Business Admiistration

Nia Aglipay '16
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Major: Communications
Minor: Biology

Nicole Reyes '17
Hometown: Tarzana, CA
Major: Biology

Nisha Kondrat '16
Hometown: Eaton, NH
Major: Communications
Minor: Multimedia

Sari Terrazas '17
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Chemistry
Minor: English

Tiffanie Manopichetwatana '17
Hometown:Palmdale, CA
Major: Bioengineering



Victoria Butsky '17
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Economics
Minors: Communications; Math


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