New Student Orientation

For Undergraduate Students

General Information for Transfers

The transition to a new school is a big step, and Transfer Orientation has been created to make this transition as stress-free as possible. Transfer Orientation is all about equipping you to get settled in a new environment, planning for a year full of academic growth, and getting to know new people.

Transfer Orientation

At Transfer Orientation you will officially check-in to California Lutheran University. For the next four days you will be taken through sessions and activities geared to introduce you to the Cal Lutheran community. You will meet your peers, faculty and administrators from across the University, learn where your classes are, and discover what the surrounding community has to offer and much more.

Your attendance at Transfer Orientation is required, and you must register for the event. If you cannot attend, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at        (805) 493-3553. For questions, please send email

We want your transition to be as smooth as possible. By giving you the tools to succeed academically, administratively, and socially at Cal Lutheran, you will be well on your way to having a great experience here.

If you have any questions, contact Kristin Dees at or call the Student Life Office at (805) 493-3553.

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