More Opportunities

External Programs

The Study Abroad Center provides assistance for students who participate in study abroad programs that are not affiliated with CLU. With department approval, courses may count toward CORE-21, major, or minor requirements. Because the program is not affiliated with CLU, financial aid does not apply; students take a leave of absence during the term abroad.

Summer Programs

For students interested in spending a summer term in another country, there are a number of Partner Affiliates that provide programs ranging from 3-8 weeks. Although Federal/State financial aid is not available for the summer term, private scholarships can be applied to program costs.

Service Learning

Participating in service opportunities while abroad is a great way to get involved in the host community. The Study Abroad Center can guide students to programs that have a specific emphasis on service-learning, although opportunties to volunteer are available in every destination.


Internship programs are available in a number of locations such as Washington, D.C., Brussels, and London among many others. Students
interested in programs with an internship component are encouraged to inquire at the Study Abroad Center.