CLU Programs

CLU Programs are offered at institutions with which CLU has an official agreement. Located in a variety of destinations, CLU Programs provide a number of different course options and extra-curricular opportunities. Students are encouraged to apply early, as certain destinations are competitive, and availability can be limited.

Basics of a CLU Program

  • Program application is administered by the CLU Study Abroad Center
  • Students pay regular tuition and fees (an in some cases room & board) to CLU for the term abroad
  • Students retain CLU financial aid package including State/Federal aid, grants, loans, as well as CLU-specific scholarships, awards, and grants; work-study does not apply while abroad
  • Students enroll in a full-time course load and receive academic credit towards graduation. CORE-21, major, or minor requirements may also be fulfilled with department approval. Grades are factored into cumulative GPA

CLU Programs to:

Lismore, Australia

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University in Lismore, Australia, offers a range of courses for every CLU student. From Exercise Science and Biology to Music and Art, the university is a perfect choice for the CLU student interested in experiencing all Australia has to offer. In addition to studying and exploring nearby destinations such as Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane independently, students are invited to participate in a university-organized excursion specifically designed for study abroad students to get a taste of the beautiful country.

Students live in on-campus 4-6 bedroom apartments. Each apartment has single bedrooms and shared kitchen, living and bathroom areas. Students are responsible for their own cooking, as meal plans are not available.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Graz, Austria

FH Joanneum

CLU business students will find the Global Business Program at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria, an ideal study abroad program. With a range of business course offerings taught in English, students have the opportunity to learn in an international and cross-cultural environment alongside students from around the globe. In addition to business courses, German language and Austrian culture classes are available for international students to better understand and connect with their host community.

Students make housing arrangements with the help of the Austrian Exchange Service. Study abroad students live in off-campus accommodations with other international students.

For more information, view the program guide.

Full cost scholarship and travel stipend grant available for Austria

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Oxford, England

In the fall semester CLU students are able to study at Oxford University--the oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of the world's leading academic institutions. For the first month of the semester, students will live on campus at Oxford and work with instructors from Oxford University and a CLU faculty member in an individualized tutorial setting. After the time spent at Oxford, students will travel to London, Paris, and Rome for a travel course focusing on politics and the arts. The final two weeks of the program are spent at sea, visiting Mediterranean ports and participating in field excursions in conjunction with seminar lectures.

The CLU Online Program Application for this program is due October 1.
Eligible students will then complete the program specific application, which is due November 1.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Paris, France

American Business School (ABS)

The American Business School in Paris is located in the heart of the renowned European city. Specializing in business and communications courses, ABS is a great choice for CLU students seeking international experience in these areas. Students of other disciplines should consider this program as well, as there are French civilization and language classes as well as various other international course offerings available every semester. Although all courses are taught in English, studying and living alongside students from 80 different countries CLU students are sure to come away from their time at ABS with a new outlook on the international community.

All students live off-campus, however, ABS assists international students in finding appropriate housing.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

Like the diverse and international city of Hong Kong, HKBU is a unique university marked by a vigorous blend of East and West. It welcomes students from over 100 worldwide institutions every year, allowing for a truly globalized environment. Because all courses are taught in English, CLU students have the opportunity to enroll in a wide range of courses, which makes HKBU a perfect study abroad destination for students from most majors. Hong Kong offers a unique window into China and acts as a gateway to other Asian countries — something exceedingly important to understanding today's world marketplace.

Students live in on-campus residence halls and may request to share a room with a local student, a Mainland China student, or another international student. No meal plans are available, however there are many dining facilities on campus and in the surrounding areas.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Guanajuato, Mexico

Universidad de Guanajuato

The CLU program in Guanajuato was established specifically for CLU students. Offered every Fall Semester, the Guanajuato program offers a unique opportunity for students eager to improve their Spanish language abilities while living in a beautiful and historic city, rich in Mexican culture. Based on the individual's Spanish proficiency, students may enroll in language classes as well as history, literature and art courses. Excursions to archeological and historical sites are also included in the program.

As part of the immersion program, all students live in homestays. Accommodations are generally shared with another student, and full meals are included.

For more information, view the program guide.

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The Hague, The Netherlands

The Hague University

The Hague University is a vibrant international community with a student body of 17,000 from over 100 different nationalities. CLU students are encouraged to explore the option of studying in this energetic city that is known around the world as one of peace, justice and security. Currently, the university offers English-taught courses for international students in the areas of: Facility Management, International Business and Management Studies, Marketing, and European Studies.

Students live in off-campus apartments, and can find assistance selecting and financing accommodations from the International Office at The Hague University.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Kristianstad, Sweden

Kristianstad University

Located in southernmost Sweden, Kristianstad University welcomes students from all over the world to join their 11,000 enrolled Swedish students. Recent CLU study abroad students have found great success in the Education program offered at Kristianstad. Other students have enjoyed taking classes in Swedish language and culture as well as various courses focusing on a range of global topics of interest.

Students live in single rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen in off-campus university dorms, a ten-minute bus ride from campus.

For more information, view the program guide.

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Washington D.C.

Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS)

Lutheran College Washington Semester incorporates evening courses with a four-day internship week linking your academic interests to challenging real-world work experiences in the heart of the nation's capital. With help from LCWS, students select internships that cover a wide spectrum of interests. Past participants have interned at the Smithsonian, the US Senate, CNN, and various non-profit organizations. CLU students from all majors will benefit from this unique opportunity.

While in Washington DC, all students live in furnished apartments across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia. A metro station serving the entire area is just minutes from the apartment complex.

For more information, view the program guide.

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