Commissioning of the Building

Requirement: Verify that the building's energy related systems are installed, calibrated and will perform to meet CLU's expectations and requirements. The overall goal is to ensure that the building systems are completely functional once the building goes into use, and that CLU will benefit from the anticipated lower energy and operating costs. Commissioning is a quality control process of inspection, verification, and equipment start up; implemented during construction and post-construction to ensure that the right equipment and materials are installed as specified, and work correctly.

Fundamental Commissioning of the Building:

  1. CLU retained KEMA to perform the fundamental commissioning of the building systems.
  2. CLU developed a list of requirements for the building performance, based on our campus standards.
  3. KEMA developed a commissioning plan, then performed a site visit to verify the equipment specified was installed, and that it was performing as designed.
  4. The fundamental commissioning of the building was performed on August 25 and 26, 2010.

Enhanced Commissioning of the Building:

  1. CLU designated an independent commissioning engineer in conjunction with the project management team to lead, review and oversee enhanced commissioning activities for the Swenson Center.
  2. The commissioning engineer developed a systems manual to provide the Facilities staff with the information they will need to understand and optimally operate the building systems.
  3. The commissioning engineer and the project management team provided training to the Facilities staff and the building occupants.
  4. A summary report of the activities was prepared.
  5. The commissioning engineer and the Facilities staff will review the building operation within 10 months of completion of the building. Any commissioning-related issues will be resolved once they are identified.