The CLU Writing Center



Scott Chiu, Ph.D.
Writing Center Director 
Assitant Professor, Department of English
(805) 493-3785

Tanvi Patel, Ph.D.
Writing Center Assistant Director
(805) 493-3042

Writing Consultants

Mayra Aguilar/ Graduate Writing Consultant (Psychology)

Livia Bowman/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (Art)

Cynthia Castillo / Undergraduate Writing Consultant (English/Spanish)

Karina Da Silva/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (English)

Natalie Gabrie/ Graduate Writing Consultant (Psychology)

Darby Hayes/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (Psychology)

Amy Johansson/ Graduate Writing Consultant (Psy.D program)

Emily Kane/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (Psychology)

Emma Peterson/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (English)

Brooke Straeter/ Undergraduate Writing Consultant (Communication)

Student Employment Information

To be considered for a position as an Undergraduate Writing Center Consultant, please submit an online application at Student Employment Office. Dr. Scott Chiu will review applications and request the following materials: this application form, a recent copy of your resume, and a 3-5 page writing sample that showcases your facility with academic essays. Please note that during their first year working in the Writing Center, Undertgraduate Writing Consultants must complete English 318, a one-semester course on Writing Center Theory & Pedagogy and, for the duration of their Writing Center employment, regularly attend scheduled (paid) staff meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your application!

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